Your Colonies (March Edition Update)

The marina cats appear to have two new very feral distant members who appear at feeding time but keep their distance approximately 200m away from the volunteer feeder. Both cats need to be sterilsed, but we are very much aware that it will a difficult task given that they appear randomly unlike the marina colony who know the sound of the car and come bounding over for their food. The cats appear to be enjoying their food and certainly have put in weight, very affectionate around feeding time but a cautionary note - once fed they revert back to a more feral type of cat. 

The cemetery cats are loving the two new feeding stations which have kept their biscuits dry. One of the more maturer orange cats went missing on the 2nd week of January and we feared the worst. We are glad to report last week he reappeared looking non the worse for wear given his absence for several weeks.  Guiness continues to receive alot of attention from both locals and visitors to the cemetery along with the fish man who stood by and treats the cats to sardines everyother day. Our volunteers know not to feed the cats in the public paths and roads and encourage other people to do likewise, this prevents complaints to the camera. 

Sadly we still have to face with dog owners not keeping their dogs in leads which often can cause the cats stress and potential attacks. We will report such events to the Càmera to prevent such incidents which resulted in the death of a small kitten at the jetty in January. 

The jetty cats have been fortunate this year to have escaped the wet weather normally received in January. Despite having the jetty to take shelter from the rain, they much prefer the exceptionally mild and dry weather to sun bath on the decked jetty. Despite January being a quiet month there has been a steady stream of visitors who often bring treats and ham for them.

We were delighted to announce earlier this month that The Beach Basket Restaurant have become our official food bank donation drop off. We have already reaped the rewards with a fantastic ammount of food already donated for the street cats. This food is then collected by AGA and distributed across the colonies.

The Sol E Mar cats area continues to be cornered off due to potential rock falls however this means the cats have their own seafront patio all to themselves. Bruiser and his harem continue to wander next door for food and attention from the patrons of the local bars and restaurants.

There has been a significant amount of construction work at Peneco Beach with a huge beach front restaurant being built. The cats are located well away from this site but understandbly we will be keeping a close eye on the colony in addition to the beach construction their has also been a large amount of remodeling at the side of the rocomar hotel with the old steps being ripped up and new marble ones being laid down to replace them. The cats really don't appear to have been bothered by either constructions.

The Augusto's colony continue to enjoy the new feeding station and we have received a positive response from the local people who live opposite it. It's heartening to see a number of cats that we assisted with surgical/medical intervention have recovered well and established themselves amongst the other colony members. A more challenging colony to manage given the terrain and two adjoining ruins.

With the colonies located on the seafront both at Praia do Inatel and Praia da Oura these cats have had a very dry few weeks and with the increase of of tourists a lot more treats left for them. They are probably the most timid of the colony cats but always turn up for food when our AGA volunteer arrives. They are all in good health and looking forward to the warmer weather.

Our largest one sited colony at Club Albufeira is doing extremely well and we are grateful to the management of the complex  who allow us to visit the site each day to check the cats welfare and feed them.

Finally we close our second update with some more information about the cats that we are assisting with who were removed from probably the worst case of an animal neglect possible. We could not publish any of the pictures are they were just to graphic but rest assured the cats are now in a sae place.

We are very conscious of donor fatigue and therefore not over publicised the request to help for funding however we have had an extreemly expensive past 8 weeks with over 50 cats sterilised. In addition we have made 2 one off donations to Carvoeiro Cat Charity for testing for FIV Virus and a cat that required a brain scan. 

We are extremely grateful for your continued support and look forward to updating yo next month with an update on how we are progressing with our work load.

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