Wow where did the last 4 weeks go?

We asked for help with transporting water for the two dogs and a colony of cats at a location close to Guia.

A massive thank you to Michelle Smith who stepped up and delivered 25 litres of water.

This support will not only help the animals it will help our volunteer.

We very much appreciate Michelle getting involved and making a difference.

Back in June Kipling the Kitten" books ordered via our website started to drop on the doormats of the people who kindly ordered in support of the work we do.

Lesley Winograd and her kitten have kindly sent us a review

"Betty Kitten is absolutely absorbed by the exciting true-life adventure of Kipling the Kitten. Claw-biting excitement!

She says the book itself is a work of art, and is very impressed by the size, the quality and presentation. Betty thinks that anyone would enjoy reading Kipling’s escapades, particularly children.😻5⭐️"

Thanks for the feedback❤️

Hamish was one of our luck cats benefiting from our Kitten Miles into Kitten Smiles programme.

It's fair to say Hamish is taking life in the UK in his stride, he is being pampered by our AGA UK volunteer, after completing his journey from Portugal to the UK this weekend

Bambi was another adult cat that came into our care with two kittens of her own. Once she had finished nursing her kittens she was sterilised and the kittens were homed. She stayed with our volunteer whilst we searched to find her a for ever home, she settled in very well at our volunteer's house and had a very healthy appetite.

We all remember the terrible trouble we had getting Moura to the UK after several failed attempts to get the transport company based in Cornwall to do what they were paid to do :( as they did not pick up despite taking our money. Well after using a different transport company we managed to get Moura to the UK, just look at her now.

This tiny kitten was rescued whilst our volunteer was completing our feeding rounds

This kitten was rescued from a bin with a broken leg and tail. We named her Sarah.

She required surgery to repair the break in her leg.

These kittens were found on one of the beaches in Albufeira

Sarah went for her operation and she had 2 pins crossed. The break was above the knee. Dr P said found 2 puncture marks so injury was possibly a dog attack, before being found in the bin.

Diana and Connie who were instrumental in the rescue of Kipling have received their very own Spanish version of Kipling the Kitten

This lockdown malarkey has impacted on Nando's planned beach body for the summer. Its fair to say he's piled on the pounds, due to over eating and not exercising.

One of the older cats with a few clumps of fur missing. She had to have her coat trimmed as it appears she brushed against a newly painted surface. Thanks to Miguel and Anna along with a couple of local people for helping her.

Clicka is one of the oldest and toughest cats around. He lives near the old town cemetery. Anyone that knows him, will know his radar ears are a very good indicator, as soon as they start pivoting around its time to stop stroking him. Despite the lack of visitors he is quite happy plodding along with life and hangs out for food where Jaws, Imp and Scampi once lived.

Despite extensive efforts and lots of TLC Sara the kitten had to return to Dr Paulo. It was clear her leg was not healing as planned. A thorough consultation and x rays established the leg had not healed and the pinning had not worked, which meant her leg break was just too severe. The very difficult decision was taken for her to be prepared for surgery and for her injured leg to be amputated. Sara has had the most awful start in life, dealing with so many things that no kitten should have had to deal with, it's beyond cruel but nevertheless she has shown so much zest for life, we know she will adapt to life with 3 leg.

This domestic cat has a broken ankle on one back leg and a broken leg at the front. Due to circumstances beyond their control, his family asked us for help. They may not have had the money to pay for his operation but they do have lots of love for him, so we are taking responsibility for his surgery.

Thank you all for your continued support its means a lot

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