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Although our blog for our sponsors is a reflective view of past events we cannot start this blog update without mentioning the very difficult times that lie ahead for us all. Please keep yourself safe and well by doing what the government advise you to do, which is to stay indoors, avoid contact with others and look after yourself.

Gingivitis is quite common in cats of a certain age and can cause issues with eating, which if not dealt with promptly can cause some cats to stop eating altogether. This street cat had surgery to remove a number of his teeth and but recovered well with Leanne Poundall.

Thanks again to Iceland at Portimao and Leanne and her dance troupe for an amazing collection of food from the customers.

Albufeira Municipality commenced a schedule of road works at the rear of the Augustos colony. Although the rustic wooden feeding station has been relocated away from the works, Albufeira Municipality has kindly installed an additional feeding station for the colony cats who still live on the hillside.

This female was found in Ferreiras. She was rushed to Dr Paulo's as she was very poorly. She tested negative felv. Tests were also done on the fluids from tummy to check for fip. She is bit older than originally thought as she has lost her baby teeth but she was malnourished hence her tiny size. She was very weak and exhausted and sadly passed away.

The puppies went to the vets getting their vaccinations thanks to some very kind supporters.

Bonnie top left on the scales Sol top right with a t-shirt on Vinnie in the middle Sandy (the small one) bottom left on the table Butch (wannabe vet) bottom right

2 out of the 5 were found a home. The remaining 3 are in foster care. Sadly their parents were due to travel to the UK however this was put on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak. They are still being looked after, fed and watered.

The female kitten from Ferreiras who went to Dr Paulo on the 5th February is still extremely poorly and is on an intravenous drip.

The poorly siamese cat found at the lighthouse has been named Alfanzina and is still at the hospital. Numerous tests have been done and all the results have come back negative so we are able to confirm that the hospital believes her poor condition is due to an abdominal infection which is currently being treated with by intravenous antibiotics. She will require long term care and a special diet and we are delighted to confirm that Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre will take care of her when she is discharged.

Anne-Marie Coley and Bella her 12-year-old cat pictured here, very kindly donated these much-needed bowls and tin lid covers which were delivered to Portugal (along with some other cat-related goodies) by one of our UK AGA volunteers, with all these goodies there was no space for clothes in their hand luggage.

A long time supporter and a good friend to AGA, thanks for stopping by to say hello Caz Kay

Thank you to Charlene who currently feeds a small colony of cats in Silves for getting in touch. This little fella needed some help and required a visit to Dr Paulo. Charlene kindly drove him to Dr Paulo's from Silves.

He underwent several tests which all came back negative but he was riddled with fleas and ticks which he was treated for. In addition, he was dewormed and is being castrated. Additional analysis of his blood was carried out for diabetes and potential thyroid issues. All in all, he had a good examination and thorough testing.

Charlene who not only drove him to the vets but also made a donation towards the associated costs of his neutering and treatment which was much appreciated.

Another female cat off to the vet. From one of our managed colonies on the outside of Albufeira. She is a very sweet girl and had a fluid build up on her tummy.

And so kitten season has begun 😞 despite our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme we are in receipt of 4 kittens and a nursing mother who came from São Brás.

Kittens eyes were yet to open and mother cat is fiercely protective of her young. We believe there are 3 females tri-coloured and 1 two-tone tabby male.

Breakfast time for the Santa Eulália colony and a megabag food delivery for the Augustos colony.

Another fabulous collection of food for the street cats (the dog food will be used for the dogs we are currently assisting with) kindly collected by Leanne and her dance troop at Portimao Iceland Overseas Supermarket. Thank you to everyone involved - helping a little helps a lot.

This poorly girl has no teeth and has some extremely nasty ulcers in her mouth. She has been administered cortisone to see if this can address the ulcerations. She will be returning to Dr Paulo in due course but in the meantime, she is being cared for by our AGA volunteer.

Sadly we assistited with an emergency case from armação de pera.

Ervilha ("Pea" because of the eyes) he was a male street cat covered in fleas and ticks who had been hit by a car. He was taken to Villapet hospital and after an x-ray he was diagnosed with several fractures, sacro-iliac luxation, isquium and pubis fracture and a fracture between vertebras S3 and Cd. Despite our best efforts, he passed away 4 days later.

In addition one of the Sol E Mar ginger cats took a turn for the worse. Ricardo who often pops down to keep them company found her curled up, she was very weak. He very kindly took it upon himself to rush her to the vet, but sadly her lungs were full of liquid and she had low body temperature. Unfortunately, she passed away. We would like to thank Ricardo M Vieira for acting so quickly to try and save her ❤️

Some very happy news after our two earlier sad posts. We were delighted to confirm these 3 cats commenced their journey to the UK to join their new adoptive families. They travelled the journey by road and swapping the blue skies of Portugal for the cooler climates of the UK.

Our updates to continue to be on going and reflect the huge efforts we are making as an association to help the street cats. Social media plays a vital role in updating our followers and supporters. The ongoing trapping of non-sterilised cats continues to be the most effective way to prevent unwanted kittens being condemed to a life on the streets. All we need is a trap, patience and a bit of luck, after all it costs nothing just the cost of the sterilisation to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Although our recent posts have highlighted a high level of emergency situations rest assured we are continuing to plough on with our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme. The vast majority of which is carried out by just one individual, who we are extremely grateful to.

Following on from our recent post about the loss of one of the Sol E Mar cats, although sad, it is a reality that we face day to day, month to month and year to year that we will lose some young and some elderly along the way. It's important to note that if a street cat survives kittenhood, his average lifespan is less than two years if living on his own. If a cat is lucky enough to be in a colony that has a carer, he may reach 10 years on average.

We have a fair few cats who we believe to be well beyond 10 years old. A healthy diet prolongs the life expectancy of the cats we care for. We provide food for over 400 cats across Albufeira and beyond, spending over 1000 euros a month on food alone.

We have some very special supporters who without their support we would not be able to do what we do. Thank you all for your continued support.

There are many cats that we come into contact with and they all make an impact on us in one way or another. The female cat with mouth ulcerations is no exception. Despite her medical condition she continues to improve and shows great affection for the care she is being shown. We have named her Delilah and given her condition she cannot be returned to the street. We anticipate a full recovery with ongoing medication, but being a special kind of girl with an ongoing condition she needs a special kind of person who can show her love, care and support whilst she recovers. It's an extremely rare condition but she has a zest for life and will repay you in kindness if you can give her a home.

We all remember the horrible story about the two cats dumped at the closed waterpark near Lagoa, before Christmas. Both cats required urgent medical attention after being let out of the car and then the driver drove off leaving them behind all alone in the middle of nowhere. Splash who has now been named Cereja (Cherry) was very close to dying and without a long spell over Christmas in hospital paid for by our much loved kind donors she would not have survived. With a lot of TLC from Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, she is blossoming. A massive thank you once again to Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre for giving her a lovely place to call home whilst she continues her recuperation.

Finally, every cent matters and we only use our donations for the benefit of the street cats for sterilisation, treatment, food and welfare.

Our appeals that are made are always specific to the cat in need and we always provide as much detail as we can when we are asked to assist. This way you know exactly that your donation is used specifically for the appeal you are responding to.

We will shortly go over 3600 followers. This is our organic reach and the number of people who see our content without paid distribution, this means we have nearly 3600 followers who follow us because they want to see the work we do and not because we have paid for followers.

If you can't support in times of need you can still help by sharing our posts.

Thank you once again for your support and please stay safe.

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