We start this months update...

Sadly as many of you will all know via our Facebook page we were notified by Rocky's owner that his condition had deteriorated and he was taken back to Portimao Animal Hospital. He developed a fever, had stopped eating and had an upset stomach which was clearly causing him distress and clearly his health was declining. His owner returned to Portimao Animal Hospital to say her final goodbye to Rocky.

A very sad time for every one involved and we know that so many people had helped him and wished him well. Given the care and attention he received by Dr Paulo, Portimao Animal Hospital and Algarvet, its fair to say we tried our very best for him with your help.

Our special thanks to Daniela Proença and her family who first got in touch with us when he needed help. For offering him a home and for being there at the vets to give him one last cuddle.

Despite the sad news our work obviously has to continue, even in the depths of a lockdown our volunteer continues to be out and about on our feeding rounds. This time visiting the colony where Sheila came from. Guia Shopping Centre.

Sadly cats still get sick during the pandemic and the most poorest of people face very difficult financial challenges to feed their families never mind deal with expensive vets bills, times here in Portugal are extremely tough.

We were contacted by Portimão Animal Hospital to see if we could assist with a tri coloured cat who is 10 years old. She belonged to a mother who works at a school helping feed the children who also has a disabled son of her own. She had already paid 130 euros so far. They both love their cat but were unable to pay for the further treatment, which was an x-ray, ultrasound and hospital stay.

The cat was being treated for pancreatitis but the blood tests the lady has paid for has come back as normal, so the x-ray and ultra sound was needed to ensure their are no blockages in the cats digestive system. Through donations we were able to help and pay for all the necessary treatments.

The owner called us to thank everybody who helped Lili, she was very emotional because of the generous support our donors showed her, which without the support, the outcome would have been so very different for Lili, as her owner had no funds to pay for any further treatment.

Back out and about it's important to remember that we care for a large number of cats who do not live in such nice surroundings like the Jetty Cats.

Catching cats for sterilisation before kitten season commences is a priority at this time of year.

Our Cat Sun Catchers were launched this month to help raise funds for our TNR activities, they are available form our online shop www.agacatcharity.com/shop

Escobar is yet another cat who required surgery for a broken femur and is making great progress, and despite his hair cut so that the pins could be removed, he's very grateful.

Our feeding rounds continue

There's no getting away from it we have had some pretty horrible things to deal with recently but with your help we have saved many cats that would not have survived their injuries without medical intervention. One such cat is the cat that was attacked by dogs at the fruit stall. We are delighted to update you all with this photo of her doing well and it's safe to say she should make a full and healthy recovery 😊 (second picture is on the day she was admitted to the vets)

Just when we think we have seen it all, we were asked to help with this cat who had one of the most horrific injuries we have ever seen. Her leg had been stripped of all the tissue and muscle leaving just a bone stump. With your help we paid for life saving treatment - she is called Fernanda

Feeling very much under the weather is this colony cat was suffering from a rather bad bout of cat flu. He went for a quick check up and took up residency with our volunteer whilst he recovered.

Thank you so much Ellie from Tesco Overseas who helped raise over 70 euro in a collection tin at the checkout. This was used to purchase the food in the photo for the street cats.

Back in December we received a request to help a very poorly cat. He was not a street cat but he did need some financial help towards his vets bill. Kevin the cat was being treated for Fatty Liver Syndrome.

Kevin's owner sent a photo update to show how well he has recovered.

Well done Kevin for getting better and thank you to everyone who helped him.

Sr Fernando is the kind gentleman who fed Fernanda the cat before she was injured. She required urgent surgery over the weekend for severe damage to her front left leg.

She was discharged from the hospital and returned to Sr Fernando, who has set up a recovery area in his lounge (with her very own en-suite) for her to convalesce from her major surgery.

Given the poor condition she was in it was decided that it would have been too much for her to be sterilised at the same time of her surgery. So arrangements have been made for her to be sterilised after 21 days so that she cant gain her strength.

Sr Fernando will continue to look after Fernanda when she returns from her sterilisation. A number of people where involved in helping her, by donating towards her emergency treatment, special thanks to Paula Beaumont who was instrumental in coordinating the capture and care plan for Fernanda.

There is no getting away from it, every time we post photos of the jetty cats they get the biggest amount of likes but our association are very aware that all cats lives matter and our focus over the past few years has been more on the activities of the work we do.

Valentines day may have been the day of love but it did not stop our AGA volunteer from going out to help with a small colony of cats, who required our help. Originally believed to have belonged to a recently deceased old man, these cats were being fed by a very nice Dutch lady who is a neighbour of where the old man lived. None of the cats were sterilised, and two of the cats being white have skin cancer one of which was quite advanced.

They were all caught for sterilisation, sadly the male cat had advanced cancer on his face. The 5 remaining cats were homed.

Thanks to Irene for sending us this lovely picture of Fingers - who had been mutilated on his back feet. Although he's missing a few toes he's made a remarkable recovery and loves his life at Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in Lagoa.

Keith was rescued form the street in a terrible state. We have a solution to ensure he gets the continuity of care he deserves, as he tested positive for FIV and was diagnosed with lymphoplasmacytic pododermatitis along with kidney disease.

We purchased a brand new nursing cage and the special Royal Canin Renal food that he will need, as he will be cared for by the lady who caught him, took him to the vets for treatment which AGA paid for.

He's a lovely boy who is a bit bewildered by recent events and has survived on the streets despite not being street smart as he was abandoned, we believe due to his poor health. Keith will need a special kind of person to offer him a forever home when he's better.

Another black cat this time from the marina in Albufeira. He was in a terrible state, as he has multiple abscesses, on first inspection we thought he'd been run over by a car given the state of his body.

He went to the vets and went to our volunteers home, where he was medicated for the infections. Had he not been caught he would not have survived.

He was castrated whilst he was sedated so that he could be examined and cleaned up.

He was named Martin from the Marina

Martin the black cat with abscesses, is from one of these colonies, featured in the photos below.

Some our less known colony cats fed and sterilised with your kind donations.

A new arrival at one of our established colonies.

As you know from time to time we are asked to help when people are not in a situation to pay the full cost for the emergency treatment for their cat, through no fault of their own. This cat was operated on due to an eye infection.

AGA helped towards the treatment.

One of our lesser known colonies getting breakfast this morning.

Once agin thank you all your continued support it really does help us help the cats

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