We just have to start this edition with Kipling's journey

After Kipling set off on his journey with two other kittens to start their new life in the UK, no one could have foreseen what was to happen. Kipling's life started in May when we believe he was born in an abandoned building site next door to the Arte Bar, located in Cerro Grande, Albufeira. His sister was already in the care of AGA but Kipling evaded capture so it was 2 weeks later that we managed to capture him. He spent a few weeks with our AGA volunteer before we were able to find him a home in the UK. With the necessary rabies vaccination, chipping and associated paperwork he was scheduled for transporting along with two other kittens on the 28th July. Off they set and we thought the next we would hear from the driver would be when he met with our UK AGA volunteer to handover the kittens into our care. On the 29th July we received the devastating that when the van driver stopped North of Madrid to take a break, Kipling was not in his cage, initial thoughts were that he could still be in the van. The van left the service area and continued its journey to the Uk, where our AGA volunteer and the van driver searched the van but to no avail. Kipling was not there. It was evident that Kipling had escaped his cage and then jumped out the van without the van driver knowing. We notified Kipling's new owner and published an update on our Facebook page. Everyone at AGA was devastated, but we did not give up on him. We contacted in excess of 15 animal associations to see if they could help. We provided the GPS coordinates, Google Street View Images and a detailed image of where the van had pulled up to take rest. Sadly we did not get a response. It was then suggested that we should share the story on Facebook, with a Madrid based Vegan group, which we did. A few days later we were contacted by a lady called Connie, who offered to drive the 2-hour journey to the location.

Connie and one of our volunteers communicated through Whatsapp and we started the search at the location. It was a vast area and the weather was starting to take a turn for the worse.

It was a daunting task, with an old cement works being a place he could be

Near to the service station was also a huge refuse area.

A truck stop was also at this location, the search went on for two hours, but still no sign of him.

The sky darkened and it started to rain

Connie tried her best to find him but the area was just too big, after 10 days we were prepared for the fact that this was the last chance of finding, and sadly Connie had to go. She got back in her car and made her way back to the motorway, but then her phone rang. It was her friend, he said she needed to turn around as he knew Kipling was there.

The skies cleared and Connie arrived at a small building.

A small kitten ran from the tree towards the building and towards the storm drain.

Connie did not have a trap she only had a cat carrier so she blocked the drain with Kipling inside the drain.

She then called us to say she thought it was him. With the help of Diana from La Casa De Diana and Los Cuatro De La Emapanadilla he was caught.

As much as we like to see kittens being homed our priority has to be TNR. Not every cat or kitten is suitable or lucky enough to be given a home, these 4 were caught behind a fruit stall on the N125. TNR which stands for Trap, Neuter and Release is the most effective way to prevent kittens from being born to a life on the streets or in the barren countryside.

Our friend Basil at the beach basket restaurant hasn't quite got his beach body ready for the summer just yet. He's is carrying a few extra kilos. Despite his portly appearance he has done a great job selling our 2020 AGA Cat Charity Calendar this year.

In addition, George from Iguana Cafe bar also did an amazing job

Sadly back in August the Peneco Colony feeding station and Jetty Cats feeding station have had their information signs cut/removed, rest assured they will be replaced in the next few days. These signs are a point of contact for visitors and locals and provide information on how we help the cats along with our contact details so if people wish to donate or get in touch. Within a couple of days, we had them replaced.

Whilst in hospital Alfred was diagnosed with FIV. A cat who contracts FIV will usually still have a strong immune system for several years after infection, it is only over time, that the effects of the virus may start to show, and even then, most infections can be treated with the appropriate medications. With love and good care however, many FIV+ cats can live normal lifespans. These days, it's not unusual to find FIV+ cats reaching 15 years or more. Finding a home for an FIV+ cat is often hard given that people believe incorrectly that the cat won't live for long and it requires lots of visits to the vet. There are many people out there who have lovely cat families with cats that are FIV+ positive, one such lady Marilu has very kindly come forward to give Alfred a home. He will now have a furrever family home with Marilu's two other FIV cats and her dog ❤️

Alfred really has had a horrible early start in life, but he's a warrior, he survived several days on the street after the dog attack and endured 2 weeks of intensive care. All being well, Alfred will be joining his new family next week where he will continue to receive the care and love he needs to aid his recovery.

A massive thank you to everyone who has donated, you really have been amazing.

Sooty in Somerset is doing her bit by selling plums from her garden to raise funds for AGA. If you have a fruit tree and want to support AGA by doing a little bit of fundraising, Sooty says it's great fun and for a worthy cause. Sooty raised 100 Pounds for AGA

It took a while but the wobbly kittens are now off the streets and now in temporary Foster care at the Aryel Centre awaiting someone kind to come forward to give them a forever home. These wobbly kittens are very friendly and are sure to melt your hearts.

It's a case of 1 step forward and 2 steps back. These kittens were catapulted into a yard to be disposed of. The owner of the property heard the thud noise of each kitten landing on the ground. They all appeared to have cat flu.

In addition, these three kittens were placed in this cat carrier and then dumped in Alvor. We have collected them, and named them Dusty, Lucky and Ned after the three Amigos.

The Guia colony, with Peaches the no tail cat, who many of you will know took several weeks to capture.

This adult female has been rescued and taken to Portimao animal Hospital from the streets of Lagoa. The cat was in a terrible state, she had parasites, fleas, and extreme diarrhea which meant she was dehydrated

Tina aka TinTin rescued from the cliff top at the terrace end of Iguana Cafe Bar has settled very well into her new home with her new adopted sister. A happy ending for Tina thanks to Lorraine for getting in touch so we could help her.

Big Ginge has tracked down the anonymous donor of flea treatment. Thanks to Linda Davis and her husband for their kind gift and lovely photo, which has got to be our favorite selfie to date ❤️

It's almost impossible to believe Alfred pictured here is the same cat that we helped after he was found with a severe back injury which required over 2weeks in hospital for treatment and a skin graft. He then went to the new Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre where he received ongoing care to aid his recovery. He joined his new adoptive family and although a little shy, we know he appreciates the help from everyone who helped him.

Thanks to Solange, Dineke and the flight guardians for getting up at 3am to get to the airport in time for check-in. The kittens had a very short flight and arrived in Holland very relaxed and happy to join their new family. Another massive team effort and once again thank you to everyone involved in making this happen ❤️

Ziggy the cat has popped along to hear about the progress (he is a blind cat) being made at O Jardim da Aryel/The Garden of Aryel Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre. The centre is already up and running and phase two is underway. Pedro a cat that was dumped in Albufeira moved in after his visit to Portimao animal Hospital for a check up, vacinations and to take some time out to recover from his sterilisation. The centre is already making a huge difference to cats and kittens who are need of support and rehabilitation.

That's it for this month's update.

Once again thank you for your continued support.

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