We hope you are all keeping well

Back in May we received our first print run of our calendars. We still have a few left and these are available from our online shop www.agacatcharity.com

It's unbelievable to think it was 2 years ago that we commenced our TNR activities at the Guia colony, using our bespoke multi-cat catch trap. A very effective trap, which enabled us to catch 6 cats at a time. This colony has not seen an increase in the cat population at this location, due to TNR. The cats are now a managed colony with all the cats sterilise. We feed them and medicate accordingly.

Kitten season has not really been a season its been a constant stream of kitten this year, with a record number of kittens being born to cats that are not part of our managed colony programme. We have dealt with in excess of 50 abandoned kittens this year. If you look very carefully you will see a tiny kitten in the middle of the other kittens. Significantly younger than the others. This kitten was found by a dog, and was lucky enough to be helped by Jill Peterson who found the kitten an adoptive nursing cat who already has her own kittens. The kitten was been accepted by the mother.

Whilst the lockdown in Albufeira continued so did our feeding round, with Good Basil and his daughter Tonecas pitching up for breakfast (even though he also gets breakfast from his owners)

Our Art Cards continue to get rave reviews - Feedback on our AGA Art Cards and calendar from Miranda who received her order

"Received my calendar and art cards this morning ( Berkshire ) - love them . The cards are much bigger than expected , thought they would be like little note cards . Excellent value❤️"

Available fromwww.agacatcharity.com/shop

In these very sad times, it's not often we can share some heart warming news with you. Pedro who was put into foster care with Aryel Jardim❤️ last year after being rescued from the streets (literally as he had no road sense). He had spent his time at Aryel Jardim waiting for someone to come along and open their heart and home to him.

We were delighted to let you all know that he packed his belongings as he was found a lovely home. A huge thank you to Irene for helping this beautiful boy by giving him shelter, love and lots of attention.

One of our shop volunteers stepped up to help get this huge boy castrated. A little bit of training and a cat trap paid dividends.

For those of you who have not visited the Jetty Cats, here is a great shot from the sky which shows their little piece of paradise

Whilst everybody was in lockdown 2 of volunteers did a litter pick to make sure the area was kept clean and tidy for the cats

Another catisfied customer❤️thanks to Davina for sharing this pic of her cat enjoying the AGA 2021 Cat Charity Fundraising Calendar available fromwww.agacatcharity.com/shop

We have been dealing with a request for help where a small colony of cats have reproduced significantly which have recently produced several litters of kittens. We now have a number of kittens along with their mother's now in our care and needed to isolate each mother and her kittens from the other nursing mothers and kittens. We bought 2 nursing cages with donations made.

Many of you will know that we normally feature many photos and updates about the 100's of cats we come in contact with on a day to day basis. However recently we have been working very hard behind the scenes dealing with emergency calls, kitten season and the implications and logistics of dealing with the corona-virus as an association.

We have purposely focused our recent Facebook posts and updates on fundraising ideas and initiatives such as the AGA Art Cards, AGA Cat Charity Fundraising Calendar and our children's book to help raise much needed funds to help cats like the one pictured below who we were contacted about yesterday - we have pixilated the image due to the graphic injury.

We appreciate there had been a significant level of donation fatigue and that is why we have focused so heavily recently on our new products to help raise funds, as the corona-virus not only impacted on our day to day activities it had a huge impact on our charity shop which had to close for an extended duration - cutting off a vital revenue stream.

We only ever appeal if we need your help with specific emergencies.

Here are just some of the smaller kittens we helped in one our new nursing pens.

The cat who's name in English is Fatty, was taken to Dr Paulo for surgery. Initially we received a request to help him as he had a big growth in his ear. He was caught in Quarteira by Jackie and Cristina before being taken to a local veterinary, and he then transfered to Dr Paulo yesterday for his surgery. The growth that was removed, was slightly smaller than a ping pong ball, it must have been extremely painful. He is now convalescing with Cristina. Special thanks to Manuela Mestre for getting in touch and being his street guardian.

Corona Virus did not stop our volunteer continuing with our primary focus, after our feeding rounds our volunteer continued with our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme.

Our work continues here in the Algarve and once again we are dealing with a situation where not only the cats need or help so does the dog. Sadly a similar situation to the Augustos colony with a lot of animals, although they love the animals they have not sterilised them as they have very little to spare and therefore numerous litters have been born. The cats needed to be sterilised and good quality food along with flea treatments are being provided for both the cats and dog. In addition our volunteer has also helped the person who cares for the animals.

Earlier this year we asked for help with a family of large dogs, Boris, Diana and their five pups. The pups were homed and we set out to raise the money needed for Boris and Diana to be sterilised and their ticket money to the U.K. So many people kindly donated items for our flash auction, bid on items and made donations. The money was raised, passport were ready and their bags packed, then the pandemic hit and lockdown came into force, all plans put on hold. But we are now pleased to confirm both Boris and Diana made the journey to the UK and have found their forever homes. (Pictured here below on the day they left Portugal)

After over a week away from his home, he's back where he belongs and where he is cared for. He's recovered really well after his growth was removed from his ear. He will continue to be monitored by his guardian Manuela.

Many cats and kittens were transported from Portugal to the UK by Mitch for our association. They were given a new start in life away from a life on the streets with his help.

Sadly Mitch passed away His family will be raised a glass to him at 3pm on the Monday as his friends put some of his ashes in the sea in Portugal at that time.

Everyone from AGA who had the pleasure to meet him, know how much he cared for animals, he was a very special kind man and he will be sadly missed.

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