Thank you for your continued support

We cannot explain just how busy we have been, but we can say that a number of associations are (temporarily) suspending their activities which in turn is applying more and more work and pressure for our association. Our charity shop continues to operate on very limited hours and because of the pandemic the spend in the shop is significantly down and yet our workload is increasing by the day and with that our vets bills are increasing given the number of "past on referrals" requests we are dealing with. The data we are collating is highlighting which associations have been contacted and have said no, but instead have referred to our association.

Back in July two of our kittens commenced their journey to the UK for rehoming. Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen and for changing their lives for the better. ❤️

In July Bagpuss was rescued from being PTS after her owners wanted her destroyed. She had surgery for her broken femur and was later transferred to Aryel Garden where she is now happy, safe and well acred for.

Sadly the animal world lost a true friend

In addition to Bagpuss we also helped a tabby male who had his toes cut off. Initially we thought the injuries were from a hunter's snare but our veterinary believes the toes were cut off on purpose, given there were two feet mutilated. We really did expect the worst for him, but he has shown a tenacity for life and the decision was made to treat his injuries and medicate him with a 15 day course of antibiotics. He is able to walk unaided, and although a little bit wobbly he has adapted to his disability. As his injuries are too severe for him to be returned to the street where he was found, he will now lives at Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre where he is pictured below.

Our third cat that went for surgery within the same 24 hours as Bagpuss and Fingers. A double ear amputation due to skin cancer.

The temperature here in the Algarve were unbelievable hot at the peak of the summer, it was not helped by the wild fires. Nando and his friends were safe and well away from the fires. Nando's did not enjoy the high temperatures as it played havoc with his coat but as long as he's got his rice and chicken he's happy.

Fingers is doing fantastically well and loves the other cats at Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre. He's quite a social chap and we believe he is used to people but sadly his trust will take a while to build back up given the injuries inflicted on him. He's a really handsome chap.

We all remember Gordinho (he's a very chunky chap ❤️) from Quarteira who had a huge tumour removed from his ear. He's a lovely chap and very appreciative to Manuela Mestre for looking after him and being his street cat guardian.

These 2 were rescued in quite a poor state from a shopping centre. They now live with our AGA volunteer and its fair to say they love their life now.

Bambi had been a wonderful mother to the two kittens that arrived in the UK. These two kittens have now been homed, as the time had come for Bambi's kittens to start a new life together. Bambi was unable travel at the same time as the kittens as there was no space available on the transport so she had to stay behind. She's a lovely cat and whilst waiting to travel to the UK she became a foster mum for one of our rescue kittens seen here in the photo. (Bambi has now been homed in the UK)

Now if this picture doesn't melt your heart - nothing will. These gorgeous kittens we were asked to help to find a home for them.

Making the most of the quiet spell, Basil is chilling out, but is doing his bit to support AGA by selling our 2021 AGA Cat Charity Fundraising Calendar so when the times right for you pop in and say hello to Basil at The Beach Basket Old Town.

This poorly street cat went to Dr Paulo. She was off her food but after a quick check up she was discharged without the need to be hospitalised. (Always the best option if avoidable as street cats dislike enclosed spaces.) A course of treatment was prescribed. She will be monitored and will pop back if there are no signs of improvement.

The few remaining teeth Beano had wereremoved by Dr Paulo. He had quite a few bad teeth which were causing him to drool so much. He had a full check up and besides his teeth, he is in very good condition. He will adapt to life without teeth quite easily and will hopefully feel much better after his surgery.

Disabled kitten from Paderne.

After a full assessment with Dr Paulo it is believed the suspected break to the front leg is historical and causing the kitten no pain. The options were to remove the leg but we believe this to be unnecessary and purely cosmetic therefore as he is used to his disability he will did not have major surgery. He was be sterilised, wormed and de-flead.

The best news of all is that he was found a home.

These kittens were rescued back in August after being reported to us by a tourist in Vilamoura visiting from Lisbon.

This young female is believed to have been dumped near Vale da Ursa. She is a friendly girl and is a domestic cat, and is now with our AGA volunteer.

Our Official AGA Face raised over 500 euros for our charity.

This old boy resembled how Nando looked last year. He pitched up at someone's home as if to ask for help. The home owners contacted AGA and we authorised for him to go a local vet. He has a few battle scars. He had a full check up and was dewormed, castrated, de-flead and treated for ear mites. Luckily for him the home owners said they would look after him.

Two kittens also required treatment for dehydration

It's always great to see our re-homed kittens in their new homes. Tabitha was homed and is being very well looked after. She's a lovely girl who deserves every happiness in her new home.

Another cat who was operated on for a broken femur.

A lovely update photo of TinTin the day she was caught

And as she is now

We will always remember Robin, who sadly had FIP and passed away in the care of our volunteer. He now has a shelter name after him at Aryel Garden.

With the help of Albufeira firemen another dramatic rescue for this small kitten.

Update on Eddy from Eden Resort.

After his surgery, Eddy's carer was supplied with a large nursing pen to keep him in isolation and medication to aid his recovery. He was well looked after and returned to Dr Paulo to have a further x Ray to ensure the break to his hip is healed nicely.

At the end of August it was clear things were not quietening down with a number of requests for assistance in just one 24 hour period. The furthest request for help was a round trip of 180km. The green indicators highlight where our requests for assistance are which we were prioritised in order of urgency.

Finally our TNR activities continued ..

A massive thank you for your continued support

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