Sometimes people call us when its too late (March Edition Update)

We are fortunate that the street cats are healthy and well fed with a small team of local Volunteers we are often notified when a cat is need of medical intervention. Sadly two weeks ago we were notified of such a case however the person who reported the cat to us should have done this at least 3 weeks earlier given that it was a known cat, it's condition was extremely distressing to deal with and it was immediately put to sleep at our local vets as it was beyond help. We take the decision to euthanise as a last resort and never make a decision to do so based on our charities finances, it is always with the cats best interest in mind. Given that we look after in excess of 400 cats it's comforting to know that such events are extremely rare, which is testament to our ongoing out reach programme to the street cat population.

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