September Update

Our August activities started off with a beautiful grey cat that was found at the marina and was taken to the vets for removal of some loose teeth, he was called Caesar. Officially a street cat he is looked after by Castelo do Mar Restaurant. He returned back to the restaurant after being discharged from Dr Paulos. Feeding cats is quite a active task and at times it can make us quite hot but when it's just gone 8am and the temperature is  29 in the shade the jetty cats were very wise to stay in the shade, so we advised our friends and supporters who planned to visited the cats whilst in Albufeira to see them is at dusk or very first thing in the morning, as August was one of the hottest months ever recorded. We know you've all been waiting for an update on the kitten that we retrieved from Loule canal she's settled in well and is being spoilt by our AGA volunteer.

Better still she has been found a home and will be going to the UK when she is old enough with another kitten that was rescued from the road side. Her new owner is going to call her Nala. In addition to Nala we received an emergency call to assist with these kittens deposited at Dr Paulo's by some people from the UK who found them at their villa. Sadly instead of waiting to see if the mother returned to feed them, they were removed them from their environment, which now means we have to look after them as the people who took them in would not take them back to their villa. 

Despite our best efforts we returned to Augusto's to deal with reports of 4 kittens approximately 3 weeks old who were suffering from cat flu. The trap was set and within 15 minutes we caught one. The kitten was placed Dr Paulo's clinic  as her Cat Flu is quite severe and she is dehydrated as she has an upset stomach.

The fires in Monchique were devastating and initially AGA offered help and support to Dr Paulo who is liaising with a number of other vets who were coordinating a treatment plan for the animals affected by the fires. We received an update  from the coordination team saying that at this moment, the number of affected animals was minimal and they have enough products/medication, so for now they do not need any supplies. We advised Dr Paulo and the coordination team when instructed to do so we you;ld assist with traps, transfer boxes and funds quickly. We have identified items of clothing needed by the firemen from the stock at AGA Charity, these items of clothing were sent to the firefighters who were dealing with the fire.

It has took us over a year but finally we caught the prolific female who has evaded capture and produced 2 years worth of kittens at Augusto's colony. She was trapped at sterilised. In addition we caught the remaining kittens at Augusto's colony.

The wonderful people at Tibi in August became  the latest business to help AGA by allowing our donation tins to be placed at the checkouts. Thank you from all the cats.

We  caught another kitten, sadly he has lost one eye due to cat flu. He was treated at Dr Paulo's and is now with his sister and brothers at an AGA volunteers house. We urgently need to place and find our existing kittens homes so we can assist more like this poor fella, who's in quite a bad way and riddled with fleas. 

We still have 2 stunning Orange/Ginger kittens for adoption. Male about 2 months, female about 3 1/2 months they are very sweet and are really in need of their own home to make way for more kittens in need, currently with an AGA volunteer who has done an amazing job looking after so many cats and kittens in need. If interested in giving them home please contact via email

The much needed nursing pens arrived. They are huge so the sick kittens will have space to recover and play in. The kittens pictured here are just two of the Augusto's colony kittens who have been discharged into the care of AGA. They couldn't wait to get inside one of the new pens even though we hadn't put their bedding, food and water in there. Rest assured they now have all mod cons inside their spacious pen. Thank you very much to our kind donors who paid for these much needed enclosures. We had 3 kittens rehomed in the UK during August , if you have ever thought about it email us at and we will advise you just how easy it is to do.

In 16 years Dr Paulo has never had a kitten escape from the kitten enclosure and make their way down to the puppy enclosure. The tabby and white female kitten pictured here changed that as she spent all weekend escaping to join the puppies, we have now named her Lassie (who has lost the sight in her left eye) and her siblings are now being cared for by an AGA volunteer.

We are going through kitten food like there is no tomorrow, so donations towards their feed is always welcome via our donate button on Facebook or via

As always if you find a cat in need of emergency treatment it should be taken to a vet immediately - time is always critical. Our emergency contact number 915 579 596 is now on WhatsApp which should be used to send photos in an emergency situations to help us assess, prioritise and give you the correct help and advice.

Facebook messenger may also be used. Our email address should be used for general enquiries. This beautiful female approximately 6 weeks old has just been removed from the roadside in Cerro Grande. Apart from being traumatised and a little dirty, she appears to be healthy and is eating well. She will go to the vets tomorrow (closed today public holidays) She is currently with an AGA volunteer. She has now been found a new home.

Monchique Fire Appeal 

After consulting with our fellow Charity Carvoeiro Cat Charity and Irene Paixao, AGA Cat Charity committed to fund the associated costs to sterilise the 15 Cats highlighted in the post below, we now need your donations to do this. We set up a specific donate button on the front page of our site in total we raised over 500 euros a fantastic result.

One of our volunteers returned from Monchique, having witnessed the tragic and devastating effects of the fire. It was such a pretty place that now resembles a distant desolate planet. 

In the fast past-paced world of volunteering for our Cat Charity, standing still is simply not an option, as we respond on a daily basis to requests for help. 

Although well outside our catchment area there are times when a combined effort is needed when help is needed on a bigger scale and in the case of the devastating fire in Monchique this was one such occasion. Working in conjunction with Irene Paixao from Carvoeiro Cat Charity, AGA Cat Charity were able to help with equipment and much needed funding to pay for the sterilisation of a number of cats affected by the fires. 

A huge thank you to our donors, APAA and Helping Paws who have enabled us to achieve our target in just over 4 days. The appeal has now ended, with any additional funds remaining to be used for further cats in need affected by the fires.

The third week of August turned out to be a busy one. Two urgent cases. The first request was for a male street cat who lived in a colony on the outskirts of Albufeira had been hit by a car and required immediate attention. His injury resulted in surgery to remove his eye. The second case was Batman who was a new cat who appeared at the marina who appears to had a very bad injury to his leg.

We were determined to catch the cat with a broken leg. We've even went high tech, the trap was set and we monitored it remotely in the car. He was very wary of people so we've installed a camera on the trap which streamed live to our volunteers phone. We tried a conventional trap, food with vetinary sedatives, a drop trap, a net and now the mega trap. Tuna, chicken, salmon, sardines, steak you name it we've tried it. Eventually after 32 hours on site trying to help Batman the cat with the injured front leg, we got him, it appears the cat was caught in a hunting snare. The damage to his leg was very very bad. He had surgery to remove his leg as it was beyond treatment, we won't go into details but it was in a very bad state. Whilst under he was also castrated. Batman is a true super hero. He's been a very brave boy after his surgery. To ensure he gets lots of care and attention he is now with Catwoman Irene Paixao who will be taking care of him whilst he recovers. We believe Batman to be just one year old.

On the outskirts of Albufeira is Boliqueime which is a Portuguese freguesia, located in the municipality of Loulé. A number of colonies are fed by our volunteer on a daily basis and these colony cats are all well cared for and have very healthy appetites. We are now pleased to announce these colonies are now available for sponsorship at just 10.00 per month for a 3 month sponsorship commitment via our website.\

Julia is looking for sponsorship to help AGA by running the Great North Run please visit her page and show your support. Click here In the last week of August we caught 18 cats for TNR.

We are delighted to announce that Smudge will be traveling to the UK to join Heather Carver and her lovely family who came to see her whilst on holiday. She will be leaving here at the end of next month with her much loved knitted travel buddy.

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