Seasons Greeting from all the Cats

We cannot express just how much your support has helped us through these very testing times.

Well we can all say that we wont be sorry to see the back of this year, it has really been the busiest, with so many cats needing or help. The additional calls for help are partly due to other associations referring to our association as a point of contact as they have been unable to assist. The pressure both in time and money has put our volunteers under extreme pressure but we have kept our heads down and cracked on with it. Through out the festive period we will continue to help, feed and medicate the cats we care for, even on Christmas day.

For those people who do not follow our stories on Facebook, you may not be aware of the following update we published.

As you know we posted previously an update about Sugar the street cat from Sagres. She had previously been admitted to Portimao Animal Hospital for treatment, in an emaciated state. After nearly three weeks in the hospital we were notified by the hospital that she had passed away and we updated our supporters accordingly.

We then received a further update 4 days later to say that due to an administration error at the hospital, that Sugar was actually alive and ready to be picked up - it was another cat similar to Sugar which was not from our association that had passed away. A good bit of news for us but equally a very sad time for the owners of the other black cat who now will be told that their cat died. Sugar is now with Irene and living at Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in Lagoa.

Eye infections are quite common in cats, sometimes a result of fighting but more often than not we try to medicate at their location to prevent stress to the cat. Sometimes however it is not possible to medicate remotely and visits to the vets are necessary. This poorly boy from one of our managed colonies went to the vet for an infection. First photo prior to surgery. He's had a drain fitted to help with the removal of the infection (we've pixilated the image due to the graphic image) although it looks bad he will be feeling better soon. He also had his teeth removed due to gingivitis.

A mammoth TNR exercise with nine cats and kittens caught as part of our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme.

The majority of which were Marmalades and tri-coloured.

Who's the daddy? He's the daddy of the colony that we spent today catching for TNR - he's huge, one of the biggest Tom's we've caught in a long time.

We had a record number of cats with femurs this year. This young was one of them

Kitten who was Lesley's cat passed away in October.

One of the street cats was captured due to this item being caught around her middle. After a quick visit to the vets she has had a tasty treat for good behaviour and has been returned to her colony.

The small kitten who went in for surgery to fix his broken femur was being well looked after by a tiny black kitten who was rescued from the street. Best of buddies

As part of our Kitten Miles Into Kitten Smiles programme. These kittens commenced their journey from the Algarve to the UK. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen once again.

The very poorly kitten that travelled all the way down from the North of Lisbon for treatment is doing remarkably well, she has fully recovered from the operation to remove the growths from her ears which were causing her to lose her balance. She is now able to walk and stand like any other healthy cat. She has been named Carmen. Thanks to Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in Lagoa for giving her a place to recuperate.

Our old wooden megat-trap passed its sell by date and in the end collapsed into a pile of rotten wood. (We managed to catch over 85 cats using the mega-trap) So we are in the process of purchasing this whopper of a mega-trap which will allow multiple captures in one go. Ideal for the large scale colony TNR exercises. It has the potential to catch up to 6 adult cats at a time.

Not cheap but at 170 delivered direct to us here in Portugal from the UK we think it will be money well spent.

Out and about yesterday doing what needs to be done to prevent more kittens being born to a life on the street as part of our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme.

We were devastated to announce that Gordinho the cat from #Quarteira was attacked by two dogs and passed away whilst being rushed to vet. Our association helped him back in May to have a large tumour removed from his ear and his colony carer updated us on a regular basis with photos of him. He was a very much loved cat not only by his colony carer but the visitors to the supermarket where he lived. We sent our love to his colony carer Manuela Mestre who we know was deeply upset by this tragic event.

After another very tough and challenging time it's great to share an update with four of our Portuguese kittens who recently travelled to the UK as part of Kitten Miles Into Kitten Smiles programme, who were all homed

One of our tiny rescue kittens

Our TNR activities continued

On the 29th of October we arranged to help this poorly cat from Armação de Pêra. After several days at the vet we have transfered the cat for a blood transfusion. The blood was lovingly provided by Irene's donor cat who regularly donates blood to help other cats in need.

Once again thank you all for your support and here's to a better New Year

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