Thank you for helping us (March Edition Update)

Our second Sponsors Monthly update focusses on the huge ammount of trap neuteur and returning to colonies over the last four weeks. With over fifty sterlisations we are confident that we have significantly reduced the feral/street cat explosion forecast for the forthcoming kitten season. Despite our ongoing TNR programme throughout the year, we can still expect to see calls for help from locals and visitors to Albufeira and the surrounding area. We will endeavour to deal with the requests for assistance however we will face the difficult decisions to make in relation to returning kittens to their colonies once sterilsed, unless homes can be found for them. The main source of kittens comes not from our managed colonies but from domestic cats not being sterilsed by their owners. Often the misconception is that as there cats only go out for a few minutes a day it's not necessary to have the sterilsed. The cats then fall pregnant and often give birth iutdoors, leaving the kittens at risk from the cold and predators, such as street dogs and even seagulls. Ultimately it is an educational process to change people's mindsets and the costly expense is often a major factor as to why the domestic cats fall pregnant.

Later on in the year we will look at how we can educate through our out reach programme. Possibly avenues will be the local press and the municipality vet. We would love to be able to offer discount vouchers to encourage sterilisation but we simply do not have the funds to supplement this for domestic cats.

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