Our latest update starts with a picture to make you smile

Sheila the Siamese - if she's not flattening card board boxes she's up a tree.

For those of you who don't know Sheila's story - she is now in the long term care/retirement with our volunteer after she was found with a complex break which required surgery.

Next year's AGA Cat Charity Fundraising Calendar is proving to be a bit of a problem to organise as we know many of our past entries have been submitted by visitors to the cats in and around Albufeira, and we know many of you had to cancel your planned trips to see the cats because of the pandemic.

We still plan to go to print but we need to think a little outside the box as how we can get the much needed great pictures for our 2022 edition.

If you have any photos you would like to submit please send to agacatcharity@gmail.com (not by messenger as the quality is too low)

With kitten season nearly upon us we posted on our page this post to prevent kittens being removed from their location. The kittens mothers are often close by and if touched or removed then returned she is very likely to reject them and they will die.

Only if kittens are in extreme danger should people consider moving it/them. For further guidance on how people should care for them, we ask people to please email agacatcharity@gmail.com for further information.

Sadly despite our best efforts the young black cat from Fisherman's beach passed away during the night.

It is very sad but everyone who donated should take comfort in knowing that she got the very best of care and treatment, however sometimes the cats we try and help are just not strong enough to pull through.

In her last few days she knew love care and attention.

Our feeding rounds continue with breakfast being served at one of our managed colonies.

After 2 weeks of care, love and a huge amount of food. Martin from the marina had made a full recovery and was been returned to his colony. Our carer got quite attached to him. This colony is one of our managed colonies who are provided food by your kind donations and the kind sponsorship by Josée Wirth.

This rescue is not uncommon.

In absolutely horrible conditions these 4 unsterilised cats and a cockerel, were rescued. Sadly another situation where the owner died.

We arranged for the cats to be have a welfare check up and to be sterilised, and will assess their suitability for rehoming, early indications are that one may be suitable for adoption.

The cockerel went to a new home where he meet his new adoptive family who have a blind pig to keep him company.

In March, we then received 2 further calls for help, one for a cat who needs surgery to remove an eye and for it to be sterilised.

The second emergency call was from Portimao animal hospital asking if we cold help with an emergency where a domestic cat was in the middle of a breech birth, this was authorised and we are glad to report mother and the new born kitten survived.

The start of the month of may was a very busy time, this street cat was caught and required emergency care. He has had his rear leg completely ripped off, we have adjusted the image as not to upset you.

This female was caught off to the vets for sterilisation. Her sterilisation is being paid for by Dorothy Bull who kindly used this link to help.


Out and about doing what needs to be done. More TNR activities.

Frank the Siamese recovered well from his recent surgery. Looks can be deceiving as he looks quite a cuddly sort of chap but he's far from it, he's quite feisty, which we understand given what he's recently been through. He was returned to his colony which was a safe environment, as he lived within a walled enclosure. He has a colony carer.

Two more females caught as part of our ongoing trap, neuter and return to colony outreach programme.

This poorly street cat, along with several other street cats is cared for by an elderly lady. He needed to go the vets as he was off his food, very lethargic and had a high temperature. We have covered the cost of his vet visit and treatment and are arranged for some megabags to be delivered to help the lady who cares for the colony.

We are delighted, overjoyed, thrilled and every other possible word for happy, to announce that Pingo was adopted. He was found in the road, with 4 breaks to his femur and has spent several weeks with our volunteer. He's a lovely chap and deserves every happiness considering what he has been through. Good luck Pingo in your new home.

We spend so much of our time trying to help the cats that have no one to help them, but there are also times, we help other animals with your help. Sadly a lady who cares for a number colony cats was faced with a very sad situation, her dog was extremely poorly with suspected pancreatitis, and because of the pandemic she had no income to pay for his treatment. Given the grave situation we helped.

What a difference a week makes. The poorly dog that we helped with the donations from our appeal is looking so much better, happy, eating well and glad to be back at home.

Nando had a quiz for our Facebook followers....

Question What's worse than a quiet AGA Charity Shop?

Answer A closed AGA Charity Shop?

Question What's worse than a closed AGA Charity shop?

Answer Paying 1500 euros in rent on a closed AGA Charity Shop due to the pandemic.

We are reliant not only for donations for our Emergency Appeals but we are reliant on donations for our colony food and sterilisation programme. Each month we spend over 1000 euros on food for the street cats.

This post generated 46 euros in donations.

A massive thank you to Shell Smith for nominating AGA Cat Charity for her Facebook Birthday Fundraiser.

Big Ginge and all the cats are very touched by her kindness (instead of bottles of gin she asked for her friends to donate to her fundraiser to help our cats - she's missed out on a lot of gin )

A fantastic amount was raised, which helped this street cat who had a bad tail wound which required surgery to amputate the tail to prevent potentially lethal blood poisoning. Whilst being operated on he was also be castrated.

For his patient file identification whilst in the care of Dr Paulo we named him Chestnut.

Tilly is an AGA volunteer in the making, seen here today giving Big Ginge a check up and lots of TLC.

Thanks to Maisie Manktelow for these lovely photos reminding us what it was like when everything was normal at the Sol E Mar colony.

This young female won't be having any street kittens. Another cat sterilised as part of our ongoing community outreach TNR programme.

Martin the marina cat who was treated for an abscess, is out on and about at the marina. His fur is slowly growing back. Another colony who were sterilised as part of ongoing community outreach TNR programme.

Another female who won't be having any street kittens. Another cat sterilised as part of our ongoing community outreach TNR programme.

we have a new colony that we've named the Trash Cats who we recently helped, with the black and white cat who was lethargic, off her food and genuinely not her self. Well she's back with her colony carer and our coordinator popped over to do a welfare check. Just as well as she did as there are a number of cats there who need good quality food and sterilisation.

Some photo's of a cat that we received a request to help suffering from a terrible ear mite infestation. He was in quite a bad way. We are glad to report he was caught and received treatment for his condition. He was also castrated.

Another day and another visit to Dr Paulo. Thanks to Anna and Miguel for helping the elderly female who had an abscess, she is back from the vets and she will be cared for by Anna until she's better, Anna will administer her daily medication and wash her wound each day to aid her recovery.

This female cat arrived at Clínica Veterinária do Bom João - Faro (Civil Protection took her there) one month ago, without any movement or reaction in the front and rear paws.

She is FIV/FelV negative, and believed to be approximately 1 year old. With physiotherapy and medication she improved a lot and is now able to go to the litter box by herself. We believe her partial paralysis is due to a past neurological event.

She walks using her two front legs, (her back two legs do not work at the moment) is very playful, docile, loves attention and needed a very special, experienced person to help with her long term rehabilitation and recovery. She will be starting electronic stimulation treatment once she arrives at Aryel Jardim Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre in Lagoa. Irene Nunes will coordinate her care plan and visits to the vets.

A joint collaboration between SOS Algarve Animals, Aryel Jardim and AGA Cat Charity.

Special thanks also to Clínica Veterinária do Bom João - Faro for not giving up on her and reaching out for help to find her a permanent place to aid her long term care and treatment.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, allowing us to continue to help the cats (and sometimes other animals) in need.

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