October Update

First of all, sorry for the delay in sending out our monthly update for you, our valued sponsors. This was largely due to operational reasons, ie not enough hours in the days. We are now back on track after what was another very busy month.

The month started off with a flurry of Sponsorship renewals, so thank you all for your continued support.

Big Ginge has something to smile about. Our AGA 2019 Charity Calendar has nearly sold out with over 95% sold. To guarantee yours please visit www.agacatcharity.com and click on the link. If you are in Albufeira, Basil the cat at the beach basket has less than 5 left and George the cat at Iguana Cafe has just 3 left.

This little kitten was found on the 5th September. Looking a bit untidy and frightened with stunning blue eyes. Luckily he was found a home.

Working in partnership with support from AGA Cat Charity and its donors, Carvoeiro Cat Charity, Helping Paws, APAA and Make a bid Make a Difference, these are just a few of the cats we have all helped from Monchique that were affected by the fires. All these cats have now been sterilised. A huge thank you to Irene Paixao, Sara Shantala Lang and Daniela Josée.

Another ruin with a colony of cats this time on the outskirts of Albufeira. In total we caught 20 cats for TNR

Remember Cleo who was homed nearly a month ago. Well great news her 2 siblings that were also rescued are now with their new family in the UK after a long journey.

Here's our wonderful supporter and marathon Runner in aid of AGA Cat Charity with the Jetty Cats. Julia raised over 600 euros, which is an amazing ammount.

For those of you who missed this great picture, Wow just wow what a gorgeous picture of Big Ginge with his little AGA Supporter and friend.

We have currently identified over 130 cats and mature kittens that require sterilisation. We will continue to carry out our TNR programme by coordinating and prioritising the most urgent cases first. This year has continued to be a challenge with numerous requests for assistance. Kitten season this year did not start and stop in April it continued throughout the summer.

On the road from Boliqueime to Loule is yet another colony of cats that we have been asked to help. Approximately 12 cats/kittens are currently being sterilised as part of our ongoing sterilisation programme.

Batman is making good progress and continues to go from strength to strength. He is now walking and jumping and is now out of his enclosure in a secure space so that he can exercise and adjust to life without his injured leg. Much love and thanks to Irene Paixao.

We have responded to a request to check on a cat that was believed to be poorly near Windmill Hill apartments. Our AGA volunteer attended this morning and checked the chunky chap for any signs of injury. We are glad to report although a little dirty he was in good health and enjoyed his Dreamies and a belly rub.

Not to be confused with the large scale Pateo/Guia colony where we have caught 20 cats over the past month. This is a new colony in Galé , a large sized colony. We caught 12 cats for TNR.

We attended Windmill Hill to attempt to catch the mother cat of the six kittens. Fresh steak soon attracted her attention along with two kittens. The first kitten entered the trap, then the second then the mother cat and then the trap door dropped. A hat trick or should we say a cat trick!

On the 28th September a few tears were shed as the 6 cats left the AGA volunteers who have lovingly looked after them to start their new lives in the UK.

Sadly not long after we waved them off, we discovered two 16 week domesticated kittens who had been dumped at the Jetty. An hour later we received a call to assist with this lost kitten in Vilamoura who is now with an AGA volunteer.

AGA has had another very busy year and we are grateful for the support from our donors and friends.

Being part of an animal association involves working with and supporting other associations from time to time, for the benefit of the cats. Over the years we have had a strong working relationship with the team at Carvoeiro Cat Charity and we continue to do so. Placing cats into the Mr No Ears Sanctuary (which is run by Carvoeiro Cat Charity) has helped, and continues to help cats that our volunteers have caught which require long term care and respite in the neighbouring Norrington Centre.

Everyone involved with AGA does so to continue the work of our associations’ founder, Lesley Normington. The purpose of AGA is to help the street cats through our TNR campaigns, feeding, medicating and dealing with emergency situations.

Whilst we cannot speculate on Lesley’s thoughts and wishes, those closest to her know the importance of continuing her work and to continue to support other associations in times of need, its the way Lesley worked.

It has come to our notice that a recent appeal on Facebook to raise funds for a new sanctuary has resulted in some confusion. We understand by using Lesley's name and images of Mr No Ears that people may have assumed that this fundraiser was in collaboration with AGA. Today we received a donation in error for this fundraiser, and whilst we welcome iniatives to help the street cats, we need to clarify that we are not associated with any funding appeal to build a new sanctuary. We do not have resources, staffing or funding to undertake any major projects and therefore we will continue to work in partnership with Carvoeiro Cat Charity, when needed, to place cats such as Hobnob, Tank and Batman along with many others in the care of CCC.

To ensure complete transparency, we have notified the donor and offered to refund their donation made in error, as we want to ensure our donations received support the work we undertake for the good of the street cats in Albufeira and beyond.

Thank you for your continued support.

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