May Update

t's been quite a month with a number of big events happening, which has put our volunteers under quite a bit of pressure but we are happy to say that we were able to deal with the issues quickly and efficiently. We started the month of with two requests for urgent help. One was a cat in Silves with an eye injury, and the second was a pregnant female who was in distress as she was experiencing a breached birth. The first cat who we named Tank was collected from Silves and taken to Dr Paulos for surgery on his eye and sterilisation. Whilst at the vets he was diagnosed with FIV so we decided the safest and kindest option would be to place him in Carvoeiro Cat Charity Rescue Centre in their very own FIV enclosure. Here he is well fed and checked daily along with his FIV room mates. Sadly the female who was having a breached birth passed away despite surgery to address her condition.

Our charity boxes are now in three locations, and we have decided to build on their popularity with a further 8 being ordered and distributed in time for the holiday makers coming to Albufeira. Each business will be visited by the treasurer fo AGA who will issue a fiscal receipt once the donations have been collected. A simple but very effective way of raising funds for the charity.

Our kitten miles programme saw 3 kittens go to the Uk for homing after being found abandoned on the streets, Doris, Diane and Blossom are now living in the forever homes and despite the cold they are enjoying life in the UK.

On the 2nd April we weer contacted about the Guia Colony who were a large-scale colony with in excess of 30 cats who needed sterilisation. We are glad to report that exactly 4 weeks from when we were notified the colony has been successfully sterilised with the last one been the biggest male we have ever seen. We have now put a feeding plan in place and this colony will be added to our Sponsorship Programme to assist with the ongoing food the colony will need. The cats will be fed by the lady who lives next door totes colony. We were extremely grateful to Jane Sibley who held a fund raiser to assist with the cost of the sterilisation, Jane raised in excess of 500 pounds which is a massive achievement.

Our charity on occasions needs to work in Partnership with Carvoeiro Cat Charity when faced with cats that we help that cannot be returned to the street, in return we assist from time to time with donations to help with specific treatments. This month we paid for a number of cats to be tested at Carvoieor Cat Charity at a cost of 105 euros.

On the 3rd of April, we assisted with two cats from farmland in-between Padrene and Bouliqueime who were sterilised and returned.

On the 4th April wee were contacted by a group campaigning for sterilisation to be paid for nationally by the government. Our charity was 1 of 153 associations who had already signed the petition and we had already back in September of last year discussed with the local Cámera (Council) Vet on how we could work in partnership moving forward. Sadly despite the news in the press saying that the money had been released this was not the case and the actual fact was that forms needed to be completed and submitted, however the form was not available on line. We can now confirm that we haven received the documentation, and it will be presented to the Municipality this week to request funding. It is an application and there is no guarantee that we will get full or part funding - but rest assured we will update you in due course.

Over the last year our association and brand have continued to grow and with that so has our workload. AGA now appears at the top of Google Searches when people enter Cat Charity Portugal and therefore we have to ensure from a legal stance our volunteers are protected and that we have the correct legal paperwork to protect our charity and its volunteers. All our volunteers out in the field are now issued with lanyards which carry the signature of the President - in addition our volunteers now have paperwork to present to officials or the local GNR (Police) which outlines legally what we are there to do. Legally this will allow our volunteers to accept donations on behalf of AGA, and Fiscal receipts can be issued within 10 days of receipt of the donation if required.Thank you to our AGA Lawyer for drawing up the paperwork.

On the 8th of April, we arranged to pay the vets bill for the remaining cats requiring sterilisation from the East of the Algarve who were rescued from horrific conditions, the cats are now safe and sterilised and currently up for adoption.

Our Official AGA calendar proved to be a great success last year so this year we are plan to have the calendar available from July both online and in our shop in Albufeira. We have asked for followers and supporters to send in their photos and to date wee have received some amazing pictures. In addition we have two male models who are going to pose for the cover of the calendar - not quite the chippendales more like kittendales. Our photo shoot with the models will be carried out in the next 4 weeks - so we may be able to share one r two pics from the photo shoot in our next update.

We received a private message on the 8th April reference Frankie at Penecco Beach concerning his health. It had been reported on a closed group that he was ill and that he should go to the vets. We responded to the private message stating that he was not ill and sent a video to discount the false post. Sadly the closed group continues to allege that this cat is poorly and still requires attention - which is just not true. We will not respond to these posts publicly as we do not wish to draw unwanted attention to this colony due to previous events, rest assured this colony is checked daily.

Our mugs are still a popular item on our webpage, and we have four ordered for a birthday present (not quite as many as Jane Sibley owns) but not a bad start to a collection.

Our outreach programme continues to help and assist local people who look after cats in the community. So far this month we have distributed over 100kg of food.

And finally...

We are so grateful for your continued Sponsorship and hope that you have found our more detailed updates, informative and useful. The first sponsorships that were launched back on December 31st for the 3 months will now be released back for sponsorship on our website to help for future TNR, Medical and food expenses.

Thank you for your continued support.

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