Life during lockdown

Despite the strict lockdown legislation, our volunteer was permitted to continue with the feeding of colonies, TNR activities and emergency call outs.

Nando was pleased to share the link to help his furry friends out on the streets by a very useful link that allows people in Portugal to donate using a national pet food supplier who delivers directly to AGA association.

This huge fellow (very similar to Big Ginge) has an enormous abscess and his paws are full of infected sores. He was caught this morning and will be going to the vets for treatment and castration before being returned to his colony.

Thank you to everyone who donated towards the kitten formula. It really is surprising just how much formula these little kittens got through.

With very few p[eople out and about in Albufeira. A number of people who had planned to come to Albufeira will also have been planning to go and see Basil at The Beach Basket Restaurant (a great supporter of AGA Cat Charity).

Just to reassure everyone that Basil and his family are safe and well. The owner goes there to put food out for them and a friendly neighbour also has a key and goes in to check on their welfare.

This cat had a very poorly leg but was helped by AGA and has fully recovered.

Last months Sponsor update was shared with all donors to our recent appeals. It was a little thank you.

This beautiful girl was hit by a car and has a broken hip and dislocation. She was operated on and is in recovery.

The Guia colony continue to do their best to social distance.

This nursing mother was admitted for treatment due to the worst case of mastitis we have ever seen. After treatment, she was well enough to be returned to her colony.

Our TNR activities continue

Our AGA Cat Charity Art Cards have gone down a storm and we sold out on the first edition within 3 days. Our new range added and is available at

Our AGA 2021 Fundraising calendar was published and is now available

During the coronavirus lockdown, we received numerous requests for kittens for adoption. As previously highlighted we have suspended all adoptions until we were advised that it was safe to do so in line with government guidelines in relation to social distancing to prevent our volunteers from being put at risk.

Potential adopters are required to complete a detailed questionnaire and subsequent interview for suitability with one of our volunteers. In addition, people with new/dual Facebook profiles are not considered.

Thank you all once again for your continued support

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