Just a small update this month

These two tiny kittens found abandoned in Vilamoura with three other kittens from a different litter. They are getting bigger by the day. Just look at those ears.

Despite the very low number of visitors to the Jetty Cats we were pleased to receive a gift from a Portuguese man who visited the jetty and left this bag of food. Also special thanks to Lorna Buckley who left some food and made a donation.

The two smaller kittens from Vilamoura had to visit the vets a couple of times as they were experiencing fits (similar to Nando last September) they have had bloods taken and despite their fitting they are gaining weight and developing well. As they were abandoned at such a young age it was a bit of a bumpy ride to get them back to health as they didn't benefit from their mother's milk, but they have now made a full recovery.

Harley the kitten was found abandoned and was taken late at night to our volunteer and the back of a motorbike, he has been for his panleukopenia vaccination, de-worming and had a full flea treatment and was adopted with in 48hours of being rescued.

Biffa is a well known cat from Cerro Grande and a lot of people and visitors treat her and Dennis to treats when they pass by. Sadly she was hit by a car and required surgery for a broken hip. She is being taken care of by a local hotel worker.

One of our less known colonies, getting breakfast.

Mila and Maya (now Honey and Alba) made the journey from Portugal to the UK, with Amber the dog as part of our Kitten Miles Into Kitten Smiles rehoming programme.

Another great story to share with a happy ending.

We were contacted to help this tiny kitten who was rescued from a Cactus bush after being trapped for 3 days.

Not all Face Masks have to be ugly.

Sporting our Official AGA Face masks, thanks to Caroline Jukes Pittaway for this cracking photo.

These two kittens were found abandoned in Monchique. The person who contacted us has already tried another association but they said they unable to rescue or assist. We did not say no and found a foster carer for them.

Simba was a beautiful male aged 4 years old , vaccinated and dewormed , he was castrated and chipped. Unfortunately his owners left Portugal and he needed our help to find him a home. At the eleventh hour we managed to secure him a lovely family.

Appearances can be deceptive, despite not looking very excited, this kitten is really happy as she was adopted.

These two sisters commenced their journey to the UK as part of Kitten Miles into Kitten Smiles Programme.

We have pixilated this image due to the injury. This colony cat cared for by Solange has been taken to Guia vet for emergency treatment after being attacked by a dog

Thank you to Emmi and Jack Hart for this beautiful picture of Big Ginge

Mica had her endoscopy and biopsy, her Doctor believes she has chronic intestinal disease, just as we humans have Crohn's disease. She has now commenced a treatment plan with cortisone and a special diet. She is 13 years old so it will take her a while to adjust to her treatment plan.

This kitten was been found and the people that have found it were travelling to Porto the following day and were not able to bring the kitten to Albufeira which is 95km away.

Through our Facebook appeal a very kind lady picked him up and adopted him.

Sugar from Sarges, as she was before she went into Hospital

Another cat that we helped after it was hit by a car

And after his surgery

Nando has now been living with his AGA Volunteer for a year

The kitten that was rescued form the border town has settled in very well with his new family.

As part of our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme these cats have been sterilised and returned to their colony today. We are now getting requests from further and further afield due to referrals from other associations who currently do not have the ability to carry out TNR activities at this time. We have calculated that we now have over 300 cats awaiting to be sterilised.

We received a report of a small kitten located in Vilamoura that was described as very young and extremely thin which required urgent attention.

Our volunteer attended, as we were led to believe that the kitten was in a poor state.

We attended and found the cat after a 32km round trip. The mature kitten was not emaciated as we were led to believe. She will be sterilised and returned after surgery (another 32km round trip)

After her operation to remove the growths from her ear canal and a very long spell at the vets, the cat that travelled all the way from the North of Lisbon for our hep is now living at Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation. She can now walk without falling over and is eating well. She has a long road ahead of her to a full recovery but another cat saved.

We all remember the terrible injuries inflicted on Fingers (he had his back feet/toes cut off)

Just look at him now. Thanks to Irene for her continued care of him and of course thank you to our followers who kindly supported his treatment.

Thank you all once agin for your continued support.

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