June Update

Well May turned out to be one of our busiest months.

Sadly we continued to receive negative posts on social media, referring to one of well established colonies, in particular Frankie a white cat who was a sibling of Mr No Ears. To put a stop to the false statements and untruths we had no option but to take him to the vets to get a written statement after his full health check to confirm that for a street cat of his age, he is fit and well and very well taken care of. We took the unusual step to publish a statement confirming that the "post" was incorrect and untrue, as such posts are not only damaging to our charity but extremely upsetting for the volunteers of AGA who all play a part in looking after him and all the other street cats. Frankie continues to be well looked after and is fed and checked daily by Lyn his long term colony carer. This year Frankie will be featured in our 2019 Charity Calendar which is now available to pre order via our website www.agacatcharity.com/shop


We received a number of requests for help to assist and treat cats with injuries. Beyonce and Twisty were captured and both treated for leg breaks, and both are convalescing with an AGA volunteer. Despite being well looked after they continue to be very untidy guests and love nothing better than upturning their litter trays, water bowls and blankets, clearly they are feeling better.

On the 3rd of May we were contacted by Moira Quinn about a large scale colony in need of sterlisation at Quarteria marina. We anticipate the large scale sterlisation to be one of our biggest challenges and confirm that our TNR activities on our first visit concluded with the collection of 3 females, 6 kittens and 1 large male who required treatment for ear mites as both his ears were infested, he was also sterilised. We now have homes for three of the cross siamese kittens, but still have 14 requiring homes.

Kitten season although expected, never fails to surprise us, at just how many kittens are born which could have been avoided. The vast majority of kittens that we come into contact with are from "domestic" environments and not from the established colonies we care for. We published the following to raise awareness.

There are numerous reasons you should sterilise or neuter your cat! Let’s talk about health reasons first…

Female cats that are sterilised CAN’T get uterine cancers; their risk of mammary (breast) cancer is reduced by 25%; and they are less prone to urinary tract infections and hormonal changes.

Male cats that are neutered CAN’T get testicular cancer, and they live 40% longer than their unneutered counterparts. Unneutered male cats respond to the “call of the wild” and their desire to wander is fierce. Unneutered male cats may become aggressive toward other cats, increasing their risk of injury and becoming infected with feline leukemia and/or feline immunodeficiency virus. And don’t forget: unneutered male cats tend to spray urine, which really does smell!

Aside from the important medical reasons for spaying or neutering, there is also a serious problem here in the Algarve of kittens being abandoned which has to stop.

An average cat has 1–8 kittens per litter, and 2–3 litters per year. During her productive life, one female cat could have more than 100 kittens. A single pair of cats and their kittens can produce as many as 420,000 kittens in just 7 years.

Sadly there is a cost implication when getting domestic cats sterilised and the price is often in excess of 100 euros for domestic cats. Our charity receives discounted rate but even so the cost for a colony of just 10 cats would be in excess of 500 euros, so with that in mind we decided to pull forward our publication date for the Official AGA Charity Cat Calendar for 2019.

Biffa from Cerro Grande who was featured in last years calendar, had not been seen for some time, so we were delighted to see her and her new owner last month, as she had been adopted by a local lady. Although sterilised she is huge so obviously eating very well. We introduced our selves and provided flea and worming treatment as a precaution as she was now living indoors.

Following on from our TNR at Guia we visited the colony to see how the gang are doing. Peaches who had her tail amputated was there and on this occasion quite sociable. We dropped of a MegaBag of cat food thanks to recent donations. Despite being fed by a local lady this colony is checked regularly by an AGA volunteer. This colony is now sponsored by Jane Sibley.

As you will all know by the number of emails you have received from companies stating that they have updated their privacy policies in relation to the new data protection laws. As a charity we now have a Data Protection Officer to ensure that we comply fully with the new legislation. This role is unpaid and carried ou by an AGA Volunteer.

As the number of requests increased for help and enquiries asking to help find a home for unwanted kittens from owners of cats who have not had them sterilised or for kittens that have just appeared. We set up a dedicated Instagram adoption page which is still in use. Contact can be made directly between the person with the kitten and the person wanting to adopt the kitten. Our first batch of kittens to be listed were in Olhāo and 7 kittens so far have been found via the page: https://www.instagram.com/agaadoption

Its true to say that not every day is the same and that certainly was the case when we met Adele the pig. Not something we see on a daily basis when we are out in the field catching cats for TNR. She closely supervised our installation of the megatrap previously used at Guia. This TNR activity was away from the hustle and bustle of Albufeira, in a small hamlet called Mouraria.

Our need for flea and worm treatment continues and our Amazon wishlist has proved very successful with a number of donated pipettes and tablets being donated, via https://www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/CIDIEZCN8Y8Y The items are delivered to an AGA Volunteer in the UK and then personally delivered when they pop across to the Algarve. This way we know the treatments will arrive as the post in Portugal can be a little hit and miss sometimes.

With so many kittens to help, its great to get updates and photos from owners that have taken in kittens - these two were sent to the UK last year for rehoming and its fair to say they have settled in rather well.

The Augusto's colony is split into 4 key areas and one of these areas had been cleared. It is private property and has been for sale for some time, but rest assured the cats have a number of ruins around this piece of land that they hide in, which in the past made it more difficult to carry out our TNR activities given the different levels and the overgrown vegetation. This colony will continue to be regularly monitored.

"Uber" who was found in the engine of a car in Albufeira. He was quickly found a home in less than 24 hours, one of the lucky ones. He now has a big brother and is being very well taken care of in Loule.

A number of you will be aware through our facebook posts that sadly the lower level marina cats feeding station which was extremely well hidden had been destroyed so it has been removed to prevent further issues. Food and water still remain at the site where the damaged feeding station was sited. We will continue to monitor the colonies and report any further incidents. The cats have reverted back to their original feeding area and are checked by AGA on a regular basis.

Victoria Mankovskaja who was on holiday contacted us to assist with a very poorly male street cat, who was suffering due to respiratory issues. 2 AGA volunteers attended. He was taken directly to the emergency out of hours Vetinary but sadly his condition was too severe for him to be saved.

Our new look logo is now proudly on display at our charity shop and at our feeding stations.

We received a call to deal with an emergency situation, where a cat fell out of the engine compartment when a car being driven by a tourist stopped. The cat then ran off. Our AGA volunteer followed the trail of blood, scaled a wall and found the cat hiding. It was evident that a significant amount of skin was missing and it's rear leg was broken. The cat was taken straight to Dr Paulo's clinic where it was scanned for a chip. Luckily for Maya her details were listed on the system and the AGA volunteer drove to the owners house to notify them of Maya's injuries and then drove them to Dr Paulo's so they could be with her before her operation. Sadly she passed away during the night.

To add to the list of AGA local supporters we now have the following bars, restaurants and businesses who have official AGA Donation Boxes.

😸AGA Charity Shop, Edifício Isermar, Travessa Sá Carneiro R/C - Fracção D, Montechoro, 8200-362 Albufeira,

😸Veterinary Clinic Albufeira Dr Paulo

😸Pickwicks Tavern R. dos Pescadores 18, 8200-634 Olhos de Água

😸The Old House Rua Jose Fontana, Sta Eulalia (Near the Strip) 8200-282, Albufeira

😸Iguana R. Latino Coelho 59, 8200-150 Albufeira

😸The Beach Basket Praça Miguel Bombarda 7, 8200-076 Albufeira

😸The Lemon Tree Rua Almirante Gago Coutinho 21, 8200-089 Albufeira

😸Paws 4 Pets Edificio Avenida Nova, Torre da Mosqueira, Ferreiras, 8200-562

😸Bookworms Bookshop, situated near the Bullring.

A huge thank you to our local businesses who are supporting our charity by allowing us to display our donation boxes.

And finally we received the sad new that Chi Chi from the marina passed away, thank you to Josée Wirth for sponsoring this colony.

Thats it for this month, as always any questions or feedback please email agacatcharity@gmail.com

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