July Update

We start our July update with some sad news. Despite extensive searches we have been unable to locate Smartie. On 2nd June we posted that Smartie had gone walkabouts again, and asked for people visiting the jetty drop AGA a message or photo if they saw her. Sadly there has been no sightings. A very special cat.

We gave our website a bit of a freshen up on 4th June - why not take a look www.agacatcharity.com

We were asked to assist with some TNR at a large hotel and we successfully trapped 1 mother and 2 mature kittens, they were sterilised and returned. Thank you to Vanessa Costa for becoming one of our latest sponsors - Vanessa was the person who asked for us to assist with these Cats at the Hotel.

Here we seee Oreo and Fiona, two cats that were rescued from an abandoned apartment, they survived by eating the insides of a mattress and were very weak. We are delighted to announce that they will be traveling to the UK to be rehomed, details of their journey with live map information will be sent to you in a few weeks time.

On 4th Julie Burke became our latest sponsor for the Sol E Mar Colony. Kim Feutz also became a sponsor of the Club Albufeira Colony.

We were contacted by a couple who had purchased a property well outside of Albufeira, they moved into their new house, and acquired a colony of cats living in the grounds. AGA has paid for the adult cats to be sterilised but we still have a number of kittens that require rehoming. Our latest kittens for adoption are on our instagram adoption page www.instagram.com/agaadoption

"Pugwash" was one of our most popular posts ever on our Facebookpage, he was collected from the Marina complex in Albufeira. Severely dehydrated and suffering from kitten flu, he was treated at Dr Paulos and very luckily adopted 36 hours later. He is now living the highlife and being very spoilt with his new owner.

We didn't expect to be at be back at Guia so soon after our TNR campaign but we needed to reinstall the megatrap to catch a female cat who had a cable tie tight around her neck and under her front leg (believed to be discarded from an installation of an irrigation system). We are glad to report we managed to catch her and cut off the cable tie - she's one very lucky cat.

Thanks To Michelle Jackman and Jayne Jackman Whitehouse for your assistance and for sponsoring the Praia da Our colony

We also attended to a cat stuck on a temple roof. Thank you to GuruTegBahadurSahib for allowing our volunteer access to the roof of their temple to rescue a Siamese who managed to get up but couldn't get down. We are glad to report he's now back on terra firma.

On 8th June we heard about a colony of around 30 unsterilised cats in Alvor we just had to help. We are so very grateful to the wonderful Helping Paws team who made a very generous donation towards this project.

On 9th June Lucy Patel who was on holiday for reported via our website a poorly male who was caught on Thursday for treatment and TNR. He spent 48 hours at Dr Paulo's being treated for an abscess on his tail. Luckily for him his tale wasn't taken off but his conkers were. He has now been returned to his colony at the Ourada Apartments, near the marina. This alerted our volunteer to a number of other cats and kittens requiring sterilisation, to date we have caught 9 with a further 9 to catch for TNR.

Lorrie Beno gave Pugwash a lovely home and a kind donation towards the work we do helping kittens and cats like Pugwash.

Special thanks to Pat and Lynn for your help and support by allowing us access to your property to catch mother cat and her 3 mature kittens believed to be approximately 10 weeks old. The kittens are now with a foster carer and the mother cat has been sterilised and returned to Pat and Lyn's property, where they have a feeding plan in place for her.

Two of the jetty cats had been involved in a bit of a fight, which resulted in bothcats developing an abscess. Although it looks very unpleasant to look at, the abscess's burst - it's a good thing as it means the infection is out of his system. Both were medicated with antibiotics - both have now fully recovered.

As part of kitten miles into kitten smiles these two gorgeous girls went to the Uk for rehoming.

We are delighted to have received our Official 2019 AGA Charity Calendars featuring some beautiful photos submitted by our supporters, friends and visitors. The calendar is now available to purchase for immediate dispatch via

www.agacatcharity.com/2019-calendar prices this year start at just 9.99

Every photo entry was beautiful and we would like to thank everyone who took part.

The following submitters will have their photographs featured in the calendar

Andy Williams your photo is featured on our January Page

Karen Edwards your photo is featured on our February Page

Caroline Jukes's daughter Connie Aged 9, your photo is featured on our May Page

Margaret Barrett your photo is featured on our June Page

Stephanie Benfield your photo is featured on our August Page

The winning entries will all receive a limited edition 2019 Christmas AGA Mug - these will be sent out in December

On 24th June just as we thought we were over the worst of it with kitten season, one of our long term colony carers discovered 7 kittens dumped at one of our feeding stations in the morning. These kittens needed bottle feeding day and night, sadly despite our foster carers best efforts only 4 have survived to date. Currently they are in Portimao Animal Hospital.

Finally our quarterly subscription newsletter was published on 1st July. To subscribe and review our previous activities please visit www.agacatcharity.com

As sponsors you receive the most unto date news updates prior to it being published in our quarterly news letter - so by being a sponsor you not only are helping us help the cats but you get priority updates.

Once again thank you for your continued support.

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