January started with a larder full of food for the cats.

January started off with a larder full of food for the cats. Our cans for cats at Christmas time appeal was a huge success beating last years total by over 130 cans. We had a flurry of activity on the last day (24th December) Thank you to everyone who donated yesterday (some even twice) which helped us to reach the amazing amount of 646.

After a long spell over Christmas in hospital Splash, the dehydrated cat recovered well well and was discharged into the care of Aryel Garden Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre. The total bill exceeded 600 euros. Despite her grumpy appearance, she is very appreciative of the help she has received.

Being in a warmer climate we were glad to receive this much-needed flea treatment at the beginning of January. A huge thank you to Diana Keaveney and L Riley for these much-needed flea treatments ❤️ via our Amazon wishlist

A massive thank you to Iceland Portimao for allowing Leanne (a colony carer) and her dancers to collect food and donations over the Christmas period for our association.

It's always good to get updates of the cats we have helped. Hard to imagine how Alfred the cross siamese survived a horrific dog attack, he was put into a coma to allow his skin to be regrown and he required several operations but he survived and was homed with a lovely family.

Nando continues to gain weight (especially over the Christmas Period

An additional feeding round was taken on by our colony carer situated on the outskirts of Albufeira is Boliquieme. We now feed several colonies here.

Our friend Irene from Aryel Garden Rehabilitation and Recovery Centre was one of the first people to send us a photo of her 2020 AGA Cat Charity Fundraising calendar being put to good use.

Our annual AGA Fundraising Charity Calendar is due to go to print and will be available to purchase from mid-May. We are now accepting entries for post-production review. Please email your photos to agacatcharity@gmail.com

Despite our best efforts to find her owner no one has come forward to claim her. She is now safely in the UK and is due to join her new family this weekend

A busy day today out and about doing TNR as part of our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme. One cat will be treated for her eye condition as both her eyes were stuck closed due to cat flu.

This big fella is poorly but is being taken care of by AGA. He was unable to place any weight on his back leg. He had pain relief and was medicated before returning to Dr Paulo's practice for surgery. We named in Mackerel, he is from the Açoteias área and is tipped and was sterilised by AGA several years ago.

One of our colony carers has been busy lining the interior for warmth and weatherproofing the exterior of one of the colony shelters. Thanks to Leanne for a sterling effort.

The Guia colony are certainly looking a bit on the chunky side. A remote colony away from roads and people. Just fields and a few donkeys nearby

These two beautiful sisters were rescued back in January and made their way to the UK recently to join their new family. They were homed as a pair :)

Back at the Augustos colony, carrying out TNR as part of our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme

Closure and demoltion of Loule Sanctuary. This is extremely serious and a great cause for concern please take a few minutes to please read, sign and share. The consequences of this happening are truly unimaginable for the animals currently at the sanctuary. If you are outside of Portugal you can still sign the petition you just need to confirm your passport number.


Another cat helped by AGA and now back in her colony surroundings. She had skin cancer on the tips of her ears so she had surgery to remove the damaged parts of her ears, whilst being operated on she was sterilised.

On the very rare occasion our AGA volunteer stops for a coffee this friendly female popped up to say hello then wandered off - she is fed by the local barber.

One of the Sol E Mar cats went to Dr Paulo for treatment. A bad case of ear mites. Ears were cleaned out, medicated with a 14 day antibiotic and a full flea treatment.

Out and about in Ferreiras as part of our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme - we caught 6, we would have caught more but we ran out of transfer cages ❤️

Finally its always nice to get follow up photos of kittens that we have helped to find a home for. These two were adopted back in April and just look at them now in the first photo. The 3 remaining photos are when they had just been adopted. Many thanks to Nuno for giving them a loving home.

Once agan thank you for your continued support.

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