It's never quiet (March Edition Update)

December, January and February tend to be our quieter months in relation to requests for help, as this is the quietest time for tourism. Once we get to march we see a spike in requests for assistance, generally the requests for help are often non life threatening, and predominantly are calls to report "I've found a cat," in our website we have a very useful article which takes people through such scenarios. A worthwhile read and definitely worth sharing.

7 Things to Do If You Find an Orphaned Kitten​

If it's been 12 hours since you found the kitten and the mother hasn't come back, something is definitely wrong. Here's what to do.

It’s a natural human instinctregarding orphans: When we see a tiny baby kitten alone in the great big world, we want to swoop in and save the little wee thing from the dangers all around. If you find yourself in such a situation, stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and check out these tips about helping abandoned kittens.

1. Be sure the kitten really is abandoned

Mother cats have to hunt for their food, and they can leave the nest for a few hours at a time while doing so. Sometimes a mom cat moves her nest in order to ensure the safety of the litter. Because she doesn’t have a car or a bus pass, she has to carry her kittens, one at a time, from the old nest to the new one. If the kittens are clean, plump and quiet, they’re okay and mom is nearby.

2. Observe from a distance

If you’re concerned that mom might not be coming back, watch the nest but don’t get too close. If the mom cat is feral and she smells human scent near her nest, she might be too frightened to come back and care for her kittens. Kittens usually need to eat every four to six hours, so if it’s been 12 hours since you found the kitten and the mother hasn’t come back, something is definitely wrong and you can take the next step.

3. Warm them up

Kittens less than three weeks old can’t control their own body temperature and can easily get so chilled. The means they can die, even when outdoor temperatures are warm. A chilled kitten is listless and may actually feel cold to the touch. To get abandoned kittens warm, prepare a nest lined with towels and put a heating pad or hot water bottle under the towels. Be sure to leave a place where they can crawl away if they get too hot, too.

4. Call for help

During the height of kitten season, AGA might have nursing mom cats who might welcome some extra kittens. Mother-cat milk is by far the best nutrition a growing baby can get. If we don’t have mom cats available, we may have volunteers or foster carers who know how to bottle feed newborn kittens, or we might give you instructions on how to do so.

Our sponsorship programme is now in its 2 month and we have all ready seen a dramatic improvement in feeding stations for the larger colonies along with more quality food being distributed to the colony carers. This in turn means we see less sick cats as their diet has improved. Colonies that eat out the bins tend to have dietary issues and in the long term this can lead to poor health and medical treatment, so our MegaBag Cat food drive which resulted in just under half a tonne of quality dried food being donated will help the cats diet and health.

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