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Back in May we saw a familiar face return. It's been a while since we've seen Biffa and Dennis. Biffa who has a touch of siamese about her has a very big tummy and is often reported to us as pregnant, even though she has been sterilised, she's just a bit podgy. 2 lovely local cats who can be found at the top of Cerro Grande.

Not a day goes by when we are not out and about carrying out TNR. 2 kittens rescued and now safely with AGA and two cats for TNR

A very bright and beautiful day. With Mr Marmalade-Mutley Mutley pitching up for breakfast along with the rest of the gang. Sadly Mr Marmalade-Mutley has gone walks abouts and he has been missing now for over 4 weeks. This could be due to the weather being so warm.

Out and about this time near the Centro Saude as part of our TNR

Not all cats belong to large colonies, some just like to keep their compnay limited to just a few feline friends

Trapping continues In Monchique, these little cuties were born in one of the colonies, their mum has been caught for sterilisation and these three have been lucky enough to find homes.

We received these much needed items purchased through our Amazon link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/ls/ref=…

These items were taken to Portugal by one of our volunteers on the 20th May.

Sadly Amazon didn't notify us who sent these items but you know who you are, so thank you.

Thanks to Sarah Manners - mum to several AGA rescue kittens who came along to help at our event in London, she was lucky to meet James and Street Cat Bob

A huge thank you to everyone who visited AGA at the London Cats International Show and Expo, special thanks to Street Cat Bob and James for spending time to discuss the work we do.

As ever we welcome photos sent in by our supporters

This little girl was caught with a terrible case of cat flu. She was treated for her cat flu, fleas and dewormed.

We were delighted to read this article and will continue to support with financial assistance for sterilisation the volunteers in Monchique who are proactively running a TNR campaign with the help of this 90 year old resident. Together we can make a difference ❤️ education on the importance of TNR and support is the key to changing people's attitude to animals.

Translation of Facebook post

"It's people like this 90 year old gentleman who give us joy and hope about animal protection and the subject of sterilising animals. This man, yes, 90 years old, captured the wild cats that walk on his property, to be sterilised, alone! We left the transport material trap and transporters and when we came back to proceed with the capture already he had captured all! Some needed in addition to the sterilisation / castration of veterinary treatment as they were having skin problems derived from a very large infestation of parasites. This gentleman who, like many, was accustomed to killing kittens at birth, since it is common practice in the lands, but when we offered him help for the sterilisation he was super happy and thankful for this help and for not having to continue doing what he did before did not like to do it but had no knowledge of how to solve otherwise so as not to end up with millions of cats. They are people who give us hope that things can be different and that the quality of life of animals can be improved in the countryside and among the older populations. We often encounter young people who do not want to sterilise and who do not understand that things have to be changed and improved because they know, they choose to let the dogs and cats create because they can always give to friends and family ... Let us all learn from the example of this man and the others who have helped us and who have an open mind on the subject of animal welfare and that are open to change the way to treat and keep the animals. We want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have asked us for help and who have contributed to improving the living conditions of the animals on the Monchique council. We would like to see more young people following the example of this gentleman and the many other elderly people we have had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with. Thank you all and a big thanks to AGA who has made the greatest contribution of all that is to these sterilisations / castrations and treatments, thank you for helping us help!"

Thank you to Donna Beany for stopping to pick up this cat at the side of the road. We arranged for the cat to be taken to the nearest vet in Messines. The cat was on the edge of the road not moving and lethargic. The vet believed the cat was hit by a car, so was examined and a drip to treat her high temperature which was 40 was administered.

Two more cats caught today at the Centro Saude in Albufeira

Another 2 cats from our ongoing TNR campaign, this time from near the campsite.

They jetty cats are very grateful for people's well meant gestures and food left for them. Although they love the taste of milk it sadly isn't very good for them and does have quite an effect on their tummies. A number of the cats had diarrhoea due to milk being left out for them. If you are visiting the cats please just leave dried food in the feeding station and not on the jetty if you are feeding them. This will stop dogs coming down to feed where the cats live.

The jetty cats get to see alot of goings on but this has got to be the first proposal the cats have witnessed! What a fantastic place to ask your true love to marry you, surrounded by cats.

She said yes, and Big Ginge and and the other cats were delighted to be part of their magical day.

Congratulations to Rhys and his bride to be from all the cats and everyone at AGA.

This little fella was looked after being found to be passing blood in his urine, believed to have been caused by a trauma.

On examination his tummy is all bruised, he has been castrated but only one testicle is down the other is in his abdomen which required surgery.

AGA took in 5 abandoned new born kittens and thank you for your kind donations for kitten formula donations to help give them a start in life.

Sadly we dealt with two poorly Jetty cats, the third sibling Fluff was discovered at the jetty, sadly he had passed away. We believe that this could be a particular strong strain of kitten flu which is extremely aggressive and within a matter of days it has had a pernicious effect on the three siblings. A difficult time for all those involved in looking after the cats, but as ever we pick ourselves up and continue to help the remaining cats who rely on us.

We are delighted to announce that Basil the Cat and the staff at the Beach Basket Restaurant Cabaz da Praia have once again kindly agreed to sell our official 2020 AGA cat charity calendar. So next time you are in Albufeira please pop in and say hello to Basil and all the staff.

They are fantastic supporters of our charity ❤️

The little female called Luna who we rescued was collected from Dr Paulo following surgery to remove her front leg. She spent some recovery time with AGA. We wish her a speedy recovery.

2 of the Jetty Cats have popped out for an evening meal 🍴

All four kittens are female. A trap was set near to the location where the kittens were found and during the night we believe the mother of the kittens was caught. She was unwell and went to Dr Paulo fore treatment. This may explain why the kittens may have been left behind by her.

The kittens remain up for adoption and will not be put back on the streets. The mother cat when/if well enough will be sterilised and returned to where she was trapped.

Bonnie, Duster, Patch and Gucci.

We regularly check the cats on our feeding rounds and as part of due diligence one of the jetty cats went off to the vets. After treatment he spent a few days with our volunteer before being returned to his home at the jetty.

A feel good photo to end this months update. Just look at Luna in recovery. Despite losing a leg due to a dog attack she has made a remarkable recovery and is adapting to life with 3 legs.

Once again thank you for your support - you guys are amazing

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