Hello once again to all our lovely sponsors

We start the year again, with another lockdown in place. Shops in the UK and across the EU may be closed for the international lockdowns but our AGA Cat Charity online shop is open.

Lovely cards and other items not available on the High Street are available for delivery.

Sooty is ready to deliver


Despite the lockdown as part of our ongoing planned sterilisation outreach programme activities, these cats were caught on outskirts of Guia.

As we all know social media platforms are significantly more visited than static websites so we had planned to replace our existing website model with a more basic but far cheaper version. With the introduction of our Facebook donate button, 78% of our donations are now made via Facebook (no commission) however this would have meant the loss of the past 4 years blog posts for our sponsors as the new basic Web platform would not allow for this information to be transferred across. So after much deliberation we have opted to keep the existing website platform, given the huge amount of history we have collated over the past 4 years.

Now we know we are a cat charity however from time to time we come across animals desperately in need of help that we cannot say no to. Malva was one such animal. She was found in a terrible state at the bottom of a ravine and by all accounts should not have survived. A huge fund raising event took place to help her get the treatment she needed in the North of Lisboa.

Breakfast time continues for all our colony cats

During the lock down all fundraising activities have been suspended and our charity shop in Albufeira has closed but we still are continuing with our TNR and feeding of the colony cats.

This beautiful girl was been treated for an injury to her tail due to a potential dog bite. She was rescued from Montechoro.

Malva arrived at the specialist clinic for treatment. After over 4 hours drive she was a very good girl, waiting patiently. Nearly 40 people kindly donated towards her initial treatment to address the numerous leg injuries to all four legs.

Thanks to Danielle for this lovely photo of Iggy who is another kitten who took part in our Kitten Miles Into Kitten Smiles Programme, he now lives in Holland after being helped by our association when he was found with a broken femur.

MiriHayatiYoga kindly also did a yoga class and donated the fees from the attendees of her yoga class to help Malva.

This kitten (female) and was rescued in Floral near Tunes. Luckily for her she was found a home within 24 hours.

After a quick check up she went to her new home and was named June

Mother and daughter, mother is 3 years and daughter is approximately 2 years old.Absolutely lovely cats that needed a home as their owner had gone back to Brazil. They were lucky to be homed in the UK asd part of our Kitten Miles into Kitten Smiles programme.

Doing what we like doing best. Breakfast time at Bouliqueime

More TNR activities on the outskirts of Albufeira

This cat was yet another cat who required surgery for a broken femur

He's called Escobar

After a very quick journey, we are delighted two more cats arrived safely in the UK as part of our Kitten Miles Into Kitten Smiles programme.

Lord Byron decided he wanted to live with our UK AGA Volunteer

Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in Lagoa have helped many of our rescue cats that could not go back to the streets because of life changing conditions. They continue to do amazing work too. This blind kitten was found in Carvoeiro, but now lives in a safe and secure home at Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in Lagoa

Nando is chilling out at our volunteers home where he lives and he loves it there, with Rice and Chicken being his favourite meal.

Another cat who required surgery for a broken femur.

His operation went very well, although it was more difficult than expected because the fracture already had a lot of scar tissue, but Dr Paulo did the best he could and whilst the cat was under, he was castrated too.

Living in a rubbish dump may not be to everyone's taste but we ensure that they are fed, watered and cared for. All in all they are a happy bunch of cats who are delighted to see our volunteer on her feeding round.

Living away from the hustle and bustle of Albufeira, we ensure that they are fed, watered and cared for. They are an established and fully sterilised colony bunch who enjoy their very own little green oasis haven.

This beautiful girl who is a colony cat from Estombar, who had lived at the location for several years.

Sadly she had developed anaemia and we assisted with a blood transfusion to strengthen her immune system before surgery to remove tumours from her ears.

This female received treatment for a fatty liver. She belongs to a colony of cats near the Inatel Hotel close to the seafront.

Not every cat we care for lives in a picturesque location, the vast majority we care for live in locations that are not seen or visited by tourists. This colony live in an abandoned marble works.

Two more cats pictured on their journey to the UK to join their new family as part of our Kitten Miles Into Kitten Smiles programme.

More pics of a colony of cats living in at the rubbish dump, these cats are sterilised, cared for and fed by our association.

We all struggle with our weight sometimes and Kevin the cat is no exception. He was not a street cat but he did need some financial help towards his vets bill. Virtually every association in the Algarve had been asked to help towards his vets bill, we were approached to help and we did. Kevin was treated for his condition and is now back at home.

It's not often worried owners are reunited with their lost cat after they escape - especially when they are on holiday from Lisbon. We are delighted to confirm the young female cat was caught after she went missing a few days ago. Our volunteer met with the owner to loan 2 traps and after her little adventure she was caught and reunited with her owner.

This elderly girl is from a colony near the world's roundabout. Her teeth were in a terrible state so she had a full extraction at Dr Paulo's yesterday. She is now eating like a horse, and with her new dentistry work complete she will once again be able to wash and clean her coat, something she was unable to do prior to her operation.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who kindly donated to help feed the street cats a special treat at Christmas Time. We raised 1302

This cat was hit by a car and found in the middle of the road in Messines. A big cat with a very friendly temperament. Thank you to Joana Luz for taking the cat home, looking after the cat during the night and for contacting us for our help. He was named Pingo and required complex surgery for 4 breaks to his femur. He is still with our AGA Volunteer.

This beautiful white cat who had a tumor and was anaemic. She had a blood transfusion, the tumour was removed which required one ear to be amputated. In addition she has been diagnosed with Megaesophagus which is the enlargement of the esophagus, a muscular tube that runs from the throat to the stomach.

She will be required to eat from a special heightened bowl to help her digest her food. She is now on her way to join Irene at Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre, where she will meet the other cats, who are in long term care.

Thanks to Irene once again, this time for helping Lady who we know will be very happy at Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre.

AGA Cat Charity is delighted to announce that we have been sponsored by award winning Bute Island Foods who have been passionate about vegan foods for 30 years.

One of our more challenging TNR exercises.

Thank you to the anonymous donor who left the jetty cats a lovely bag of cat food.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped out by supporting our Megabag appeal.

The cats had a rather large delivery today. In total we managed to get 34 bags the day before the next lockdown.

Thank you all for your continued support in these very challenging times.

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