Hello and thanks again for your continued support

Tucked away in the back streets of old Town Albufeira, this colony of cats are loving their bohemian, shelter provided by AGA with its small sun deck, which has been modified eclectically by the locals to protect the shelter and the cats from the strong sun. These cats are not very sociable, so close up photos are a rarerity.

A double treat for the cats. Another generous visitor left food for the cats at the jetty. The 2nd treat was another visit from Nigel who regularly treats the cats to ham.

At the start of the month, our TNR activities continued.

The Guia colony cats are being cared for by AGA. A large colony who were all sterilised last year. They love their food but are not a social bunch. This is as close as we can get to them when it's their feeding time.

Sadly we face the day to challenges of looking after so many cats which is made all the more difficult when people abandon cats at our feeding locations. One of our AGA volunteers observed a young male attempting to leave a tabby and white kitten with a collar at the jetty, but he left when questioned.

Despite lots of rest Sheila the Siamese (pictured here with Madame Beaujolais) had not made a good recovery after her first operation, but after several visits to the vets she is now on the mend.

With many visitors to the jetty, the cats are always grateful for the food and gifts left by donors (picture features the late Fluffy)

Thanks to Elaine Eisma-Bickerton for sharing her birthday picture of Rui. He's one year old. Life for Rui could have been very different. He was rescued from a marina and looked after by AGA before he was fit enough and old enough to travel to his new family in England.

Early last month Reggie was taken to Goldra, in preparation for his travel to the UK which is being coordinated by AGA. A massive thank you to Jan at Goldra, the staff and customers at Iceland/Overseas Supermarkets Portimao and all the people that have made this possible through your kind donations.

The jetty cats colony area had its annual strimming to prevent fires takes place. Although unsettling for the cats, they do reappear when the maintenance men have finished.

Sadly on the 11th April we were notified of a fatality of one of the Sol E Mar cats. This was reported to the GNR (Police)

On the 14th April Mr Marmalade Mutley was dumped at the Jetty, dumping animals is a crime and again this matter was reported to the GNR. The french person who dumped him returned to France so no further action could be taken. Here he is, being watched over by Big Ginge

It is not often we take in mature kittens but when the need arises we do. This young mother kitten with kittens was given a safe place to feed by one of our AGA volunteers.

Madame Beaujolais is inspecting the TNR equipment in our van to ensure its in working order. We continue with our planned schedule of TNR.

The jetty cats would like to say a huge thank you to the man who peddled down to the jetty on his bike and picked and collected two massive bags of rubbish. It looks spotless now.

In Albufeira and not the Amazon, this chap was caught as part of our TNR campaign. He's now a special stop off for our volunteer as he has no one else to feed him

Over the Easter Period the cats received a number of visitors

Lots of rain then a rainbow as Big Ginge was finishing off his sardines.

We received a request to help an abandoned kitten who was found at the SPAR at the marina in Albufeira. He was dewormed, deflead and given a warm bed to get over the trauma. Everybody meet Spar-tacus, luckily for him he was found a home with 24 hours.

That's this months update, thank you all so much for being a sponsor/supporter.

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