Glad to be home

On the 1st of June, he made his way back to the jetty after a full check up, overnight stay at the vets and a night with our volunteer. Many people think all cats like the luxury of living in doors, but street cats are happier on their own turf and with their fellow colony members. This chap is no different, he has shown his wild side as he has been a very angry chap whilst he has been in the care of AGA and the veterinary clinic, quite a contrast to his normal friendly behaviour at the jetty where he has his freedom.

Sheila is a remarkable cat. On the 30th May she had her pins removed and she's back to normal and up and about doing her exercises and back to squashing boxes.

A day after returning back to the jetty after a few days away at the vets and a night with our volunteer, he's back to his normal friendly self. If you are visiting the jetty we are sure he'd welcome some Dreamies, he has lost a bit of weight but the intravenous drip and medication will help with his weight loss. He has got a good appetite, which a good sign.

Fluff's siblings were still in the care of AGA back in the beginning of June and had not been returned to their colony. Their eyes were alot brighter and clearer and there was no sign of the third eyelid which is always a warning indicator that a cat is not well, so they were making progress. As we all know street cats like their outside space and their colony friends and we did everything possible to get them back to their home but this didnt take place until we feel they were well enough. You can see in the picture they've got a healthy appetite.

It's fair to say Sheila the Siamese is back to normal after having her pins removed ❤️

Luna was returned back to her home on the 4th June with some very special cat food to help her on her road to recovery.

It seems like such a long time ago that we first mention Tin Tin. Goerge the resident cat at Iguana Cafe Bar had a visitor appear overnight. Found on the waste land below the terrace not a task for the faint hearted.

Otis continues to grow in size

Our TNR activities continued through out the month of June

Here's Luna back home and out and about with April who is another street cat that was helped by AGA as she also required surgery 18 months ago

Thanks to Irene Paixao for assisting with a request to assist with a small colony of cats and kittens on the outskirts of Albufeira. On arrival this morning an adult female has been caught and will be sterilised later today. The remaining kittens when old enough will be caught and sterilised. These sterilisations are part of our outreach programme to prevent more kittens being born on the streets, paid for by AGA

This tiny girl was rescued from a building site. She was very poorly and was taken in by one of our AGA volunteers. Thanks to Caz Kay for your kind donation of a pop up kitten pen, this was be used to keep the kitten in isolation from the other kittens whilst she recovered to prevent any cross infections.

A huge thank you to Solange Dias for helping AGA with a call out to Quinta do Lago to assess a large male street cat with an injured nose. He has previously been trapped as he has a tipped ear so he has chosen not to enter the trap.

Beany was discharged from the vets following treatment after being found by the roadside. Here is an update picture of her in her new home ❤️

Big Ginge, the rest of the colony and a couple of AGA volunteers cleaned up the jetty for the return of Fluffs siblings who after a long period of convalescence went home.

In addition to the kitten food this is just some of the dried food we are buying for the street cats each month This photo does not show the tinned food we purchase.

TNR is at the heart of AGA, preventing unwanted kittens being born in environments that are not conducive for a healthy start in life. This tiny kitten sadly was rescued from the same building site this morning as Angel and is in very poor health, very weak and suffering from kitten flu.

Our work helping cats in need goes well beyond the area of Albufeira. Many of you will know AGA is assisting with the sterilisation of cats from the Monchique area of the Algarve. Sadly one cat from one of the colonies is in a very bad way, she was fitting, uncontrollable shaking and not reacting properly. The cat was taken to Portimao hospital and has now made full recovery.

We work so hard with our feeding rounds, TNR activities and emergency call outs - it's just what we do. We just about manage but sadly we found 6 dumped kittens at one of our managed colonies, which has got to be one of the most annoying and upsetting things we have dealt with in a long time. This is beyond cruel and as we previously mentioned we are at capacity with kittens, this puts an unbelievable amount of strain on our limited resources.

Thanks again for your continued support from all the cats

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