From all the cats and everyone at AGA - its great to keep in touch with you

Being on lock down is no fun, and we are aware a number of you will be feeling very low, tired, and worried about the world wide events caused by the pandemic. The one thing that we can say for certain is that the cats are blissfully unaware of the dangers caused by the virus, and continue to live their lives in the sun, although with a lot less people around to give them a fuss. Our volunteer is working her magic by looking after them all, by visiting them daily for food rounds and to check on their welfare.

Just a few days before lockdown and the closure of airspace, we published our first seasonal update for the expected visitors to Albufeira. (Sadly no visitors arrived)

The Guia cats look like they are on safari

We published an alternative to Amazon for our Portuguese supporters and friends

Click the link and have a look, order via their site and the food is delivered to the cats we care for

The poorly male siamese had ongoing treatment and was cared for by ou volunteer. He's been named Buba

Possibly a distant relative, Sheila on the other hand was in no need of help, with a healthy appetite she continues to enjoy the sunshine at her home with our AGA Volunteer.

Sadly we were asked to share this post for another un-chipped cat

One of our more challenging TNR activities (in a loft )

We published another reminder if you are visiting the jetty. Cooked chicken bones are are choking hazard and not suitable for any of the street cats we take care off. Raw bones are richer in nutrients, easier to digest, and much safer for the cats to eat compared to cooked bones, which are hard, can splinter causing internal bleeding and have no useful essential nutrients.

They have a specific well balanced diet which is fed to them on a daily basis. However dried food and cat treats such as Dreamies or Meat Sticks are welcome if you are passing by but please refrain from leaving wet (non cat) food at the feeding station.

The cats however were delighted to receive the donation of cat food at the jetty.

Our TNR activities continue. One of our more unconventional traps with a long string pull, we use for TNR. Water bottles help weight down the trap when the cat enters.

Not to be confused with Nando this is Ebony who last year was rescued as she needed an operation to fix her broken leg. She now lives along side Nando and her favourite dog (they are inseparable)

With the impact of the lockdown starting to take effect at the beginning of March we published the following:

We responded to an urgent request for help as a female cat had been reported as having a broken leg. Once caught we were able to establish that the cat actually did not have recent injury. It had in the past lost part of its leg but this had healed well. With more and more requests to help it is imperative that we get detailed information and photographs so we assess and prioritise to prevent unnecessary trapping and visits to the vet.

After a full check up the cat was returned to its home location.

A sad story but don't worry he's OK now. This handsome fella has been cared for by our colony carer for a number of years at a location on the outskirts of Albufeira. Sadly he was found in the road after being hit by a car. Thankfully he was rescued by the bombeiros and he was taken to a vet as he had a severe break to his jaw. He will not be returning to his original colony due to his existing eye condition, which may have contributed to his accident. He is now being looked after by his colony carer and is eating wet food.

As part of our ongoing planned feeding programme we anticipate that there would be some logistical challenges with our supply of the food due to various factors due to the coronavirus. As part of our due diligence we appealed to increase our reserves of dried cat food to ensure we are able to maintain our feeding programme.

Given the number of cats we feed we anticipated that we needed to increase our reserve by 50 bags. We achieved the target for our appeal in just a few days.

As the impact of the coronavirus started to effect people across Europe, Josée was due to visit her elderly mother in her retirement home to celebrate her birthday. Sadly she was unable to enter due to the coronavirus so she has kindly made a donation to celebrate her mother's birthday❤️

The impact of coronavirus not only impacts on the day to day activities of the human kind it also has implications for the cats we help along the way. Hamish pictured here was due to commence his journey to a better life in the UK but sadly due to potential border controls for non essential travel, his transportation has been put on hold until we can be certain he can make the journey to the UK without hindrance.#youwillgettherehamish

Queues at our pet food suppliers got longer as time went on.

But that didn't stop us getting the food we need for our cats

Our TNR activities continued.

On the 21st March our charity shop closed, cutting off a vital source of income

On the 24th March, our first delivery from Goldpet (Portugal) arrived. An amazing service for those of you who want to help with food that don't have PayPal or access to Amazon. Just click the link, select the item and it comes direct to AGA.

Along with other associations we suspended the adoption of cats and kittens in line with social distancing and government guidelines to prevent putting our volunteers at risk.

We never like publishing sad updates but it is sadly inevitable that over a period of time we will have to let you know bad news from time to time

Drooler who was very well known at the jetty, he loved to sit on your lap, he loved Dreamies and was was a very friendly cat who loved nothing more than the company of a humans and to sit on your lap.

Very sadly he was found to have a mass inside his mouth which was inoperable and therefore he was PTS with 2 volunteers at his side.

Once again thank you for your continued support in these very unsettling times, your support means a lot.

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