Colony Updates (April Edition Update)

Due to the really bad weather rover the past 4 weeks we have seen a shift in the cats behaviour at several colonies, which has resulted in a number of cats not appearing at feeding time, tis is alarming to the volunteers who feed them but some appear the following day some a little longer, some just do not return.

The marina cats colony has now grown in size but in a slightly different location, you may recall we mentioned that we had two new arrivals at the feeding station and that both needed to be castrated. It would appear these dominate males have scared the other colony cats away and although we are still feeding one of the original marina cats at the feeding station the tother cats form this colony have refused to cross the field to be fed. The have reverted back to hanging around at the abandoned villa, which would have been a huge problem had it not been for the fact that the "nasty neighbour" has since moved away. We think they are being fed at their original location as there is evidence of cat tins and biscuits by the bins. Sadly the champagne coloured cat we called Chi Chi has not been seen for 4 weeks.

This is not unusual for cats to wander off as we know all to well they can sometimes take shelter under cars or in vans - which as we know in Smarties case resulted in a journey to a five star hotel 8 km away. She is now back at the jetty non the wiser after her adventure. Sadly we still have no sighting of Stumpy but the hotel hapimag are keeping an eye out for him. The rest of the cats are doing well and despite the weather they are still getting lots of attention from the ever increasing number of tourists. The cemetery cats are doing well and despite have a purpose built cat shelter, this has recently had an extension made by a local. Whilst we appreciate their good intentions to provide the cats with a chill out area it does draw attention to what should be a hidden colony as these cats are not the friendliest of cats and should not be petted. The Sol E Mar cats are doing well and our new sponsor Eryck contacted AGA as he believed one of the cats was trapped on a cliff face, luckily for the cats she found her way down back to the feeding station. Th hotel at the bottom of the cliff are tolerant of the cats and do provide titbits and water for them. The Inatel Cats are a colony bigger than first though and today we administered some medicine for a very large male cats who was suffering from a cold. Salmon and table went down a treat, in total we believe there to be around 15 cats who now also have their very own shelter.

The cats cat Praia da Oura continue to be plagued by aggressive seagulls so we have altered to the entrance to the feeding station to stop the gulls from stealing the food. These cats have a very quiet time in winter but as the season and weather starts to heat up they benefit from the kindness shown to them by the tourists.

Club Albufeira colony cats are doing extremely well and all 50 plus of these cats are all sterilised. A well managed colony in several locations at the resort - next month we will publish more photos of them.

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