Biffa continues to get attention

We love this photo of Biffa who has been adopted by a local lady at Cerro Grande. Originally a street cat, she can still be found wandering quite happily near the Boa Vista Hotel. She has a rather large hanging down belly often referred to as "Cats Apron" giving the impression that she is expecting. Quite often we are contacted by concerned visitors that she is pregnant, we explain that she is just carrying a bit of extra weight.

This kitten had been hand reared from the age of 2 weeks by Irene Paixao A beautiful kitten called Goa (after India) had to be been rushed into hospital for treatment as she was only able to breath by opening her mouth. She had pneumonia and was placed in an oxygen tank as she was critical.

We assisted with the costs of treatment but sadly she was too poorly and she passed away. Thank you to everyone who donated.

We had another kitten that was rescued, this time from Montechoro. Very poorly with cat flu. The kitten was kept in isolation until she is well enough to join the other kittens in our care.

We have seen an unprecedented amount of kittens requiring our help over the last 8 weeks despite our continued TNR programme.

We are so grateful to our regular donors who yet again have come to our aid, to help with huge bills we have had for medical and food for the kittens.

We caught this cat who had a very poorly foot, he was well looked after by AGA, he was then returned back to the colony he came from in Branqueira.

Three more cats as part of continuing TNR sterilisation programme

This 4 mth old kitten has been rescued from Tunes. Covered in fleas, severely malnourished, dehydrated, and with an abscess on her neck she was in a very sorry state. Our volunteer has given her food and a safe place to sleep after her treatment.

After a few weeks just look at her now

Its great to see when our appeals help - Pedra was reported missing but through the power of social media he was found

A new initiative raising awareness of abandonment and that it is a crime. The organisers of this campaign should be congratulated. "No ao Abandono" is a campaign jointly organized by the Almada City Council, the Projeto Rafeiro Amor, the associations The Friends of the Animals of Almada and Where there is no Cat, and the Restart - Institute of Creativity Arts and New Technologies

Sadly in Albufeira It's almost becoming a daily occurrence rescuing abandoned kittens. This little kitten was rescued from Cerro Grande

The big green or grey rubbish bins are to be found in every town and city across Portugal. They are emptied daily by lorries and the contents are crushed and sent to landfill or to be incinerated. Sadly one colony feeder at Boliquieme when emptying her rubbish into one of the rubbish bins, came across these three kittens inside. One kitten was still inside a plastic bag.

When disposing of your rubbish, take a few moments to double check that there are no kittens inside the rubbish. This is not an isolated case. A truly horrific and evil way to dispose of a living creature. The kittens are now out of danger as they were removed and are being taken care of by the colony feeder.

Back in July we did an appeal to find Sparky a flight guardian who was flying to #Amsterdam from#Faro in the 3rd or 4th week of August. He was a kitten who was already to go he just needed someone to show him how to get on the plane, put on his seatbelt and keep him company on his flight. After alot of offers we were pleased to confirm that a flight guardian was found.

Back in July we dealt with a situation, along with social services and the GNR at a property where there were are about 15 kittens that we needed to deal with, some were extremely young.

This little girl was taken to the vets after being found injured. She has now been sterilised, will be returned to her colony and will be monitored and cared for by AGA

Back in July we were asked to assist with a cat that was located in Lagoa. The initial thoughts are that the cat has been attacked by a dog and has had a large quantity of skin bitten off its back. The went to Portimao animal Hospital for treatment which was paid for by AGA, after 2 weeks of sedation and skin grafting the cat went to Irene Paixao before being found a lovely home. The bill for the cat was just under 600 euros. We never ever put a cat to sleep due to cost, we treat first then worry about the bill later.

This little girl was taken to a local vet for treatment by some visiting tourists which is very much appreciated as they paid for the kittens treatment, sadly they did not leave details where the kitten was from when they left, therefore we were contacted to see if we could find her a home as she could not stay at the vets

We know we have alot of cat crazy people who follow us, well in the kitten world this kitten absolutely loves other cats and kittens of all shapes and sizes, she just adores their company. She was very lucky to be found a home.

Feeding the streets cats is just part of what we do. We also check the colonies on a regular basis and when required take them to the vets for TNR and any medical treatment. In addition we also flea treat the cats as and when we are able to. W

We commenced our flea treatment programme with the help from VWS and our supporters who purchased flea treatments though our Amazon Wish List.

Back on the 28th July Tina (aka Tin Tin) Bonnie and Kipling left the Algarve on their long journey to England to go their new homes. Again another massive planning exercise, thank you to everyone involved in making this happen. We all know what happened with Kipling and will be doing a feature update in our sponsor update next month.

Once again thank you for your continued support.

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