August Update

A bitter sweet start to the month, with the sad loss of the ginger kitten. The remaining four kittens are now thriving with their new adoptive nursing mother cat. The original six kittens were dumped at one of our feeding stations but luckily were found in time. The nursing mother is extremely protective of the kittens, making it somewhat difficult to change the bedding, its rare to get such attentive adoptive nursing mother cats and we are happy to see them looking so well after what was such a horrible start in their first few weeks of life. They will remain with their adoptive mother until they are ready for adoption which will be coordinated by Irene from Carvoeiro Cat Charity.

Our hopes were raised at the start of July when we were notified of a cat matching the description of Smartie, who has now been missing for over 8 weeks. We attended and despite looking and sounding very much like Smartie, we established the cat was not her. She did however require treatment for a chest infection so after 3 days treatment at Dr Paulo's she was returned to her home (and owner - as initially we were told she was a stray by the hotel)

With the number of abandoned kittens over the past 3 months we have taken in a number of kittens that are now available for adoption. This year with have actively published more information and photographs to try and find homes for these kittens. One such kitten was Bowie

Bowie is one of the lucky ones and will be traveling to the UK later on this month, he's a stunner :)

This beautiful kitten called Rui was from Quarteira Marina (currently with an AGA volunteer) and will soon be going to England as part of our "kitten miles into kitten smiles" programme to meet his new adoptive family. Our kitten miles to kitten smiles programme costs have risen massively and the transport alone for each cat is £175 at the cheapest rate. Additional costs for passports, rabies and other associated costs make this an expensive exercise and we always ask the owners to contribute in some way to assist with the costs in getting them to the UK. Moving forward we are hopeful that the pet passport scheme will continue once Brexit takes effect, but at present we are none the wiser and therefore its very much business as usual in identifying and matching up potential new owners for the kittens in our care. This year we have seen a huge spike in the number of abandoned kittens, depsite our extensive TNR campaign, the vast majority of kittens abandoned are from domestic unsterilised cats.

We currently have 12 charity boxes dotted in and around Albufeira and have 6 more due to be installed taking our total amount to 18. This is the first year we have launched this initiative and it is still early days, but so far early indications are that they are being used by tourists to donate. If you know of a suitable venue who could help our charity by displaying one of our collection boxes please email

Our current supporters are located at:

We've updated our list of the local businesses who are supporting AGA by displaying our collection tins. So please pop in say hello and make a donation at:

😸AGA Charity Shop, Edifício Isermar, Travessa Sá Carneiro R/C - Fracção D, Montechoro, 8200-362 Albufeira,

😸Veterinary Clinic Albufeira Dr Paulo

😸Pickwicks Tavern R. dos Pescadores 18, 8200-634 Olhos de Água

😸The Old House Rua Jose Fontana, Sta Eulalia (Near the Strip) 8200-282, Albufeira

😸Iguana R. Latino Coelho 59, 8200-150 Albufeira

😸The Beach Basket Praça Miguel Bombarda 7, 8200-076 Albufeira

😸The Lemon Tree Rua Almirante Gago Coutinho 21, 8200-089 Albufeira

😸Paws 4 Pets Edificio Avenida Nova, Torre da Mosqueira, Ferreiras, 8200-562

😸Bookworms Bookshop, situated near the Bullring.

😸 OuraBooks, cc VilaNova, av Sa Carneiro

😸 T-Shirt shop, rua 5 Outubro (rua do tunnel), near the tunnel from the beach a few doors down from the Atrium restaurant opposite the life sized cow (Ale-hop shop) in old town

😸 Orada holiday apartments reception at the marina

There are a number of ways businesses local to the cats help us. A simple but really useful addition are these ice cream containers which have been donated, which are superb water containers for the cats.

We have been dealing with a number of cats (mostly black) at Orada Apartments at the Marina in Albufeira. Currently we have identified seven black kittens who are too young to be sterilised but we are keeping them under observation.

These kittens below were located at the roadside on the outskirts of Albufeira and are currently with an AGA volunteer

Oreo and Thomas were rescued from an apartment after being locked in and abandoned. They survived by eating the mattress filling. Here we see Oreo and Thomas in their transportation cage on the day they traveled to the UK in the middle of July they are now in their new adoptive homes

Kitty Cat in the car is now being looked after by Carvoeio Cat Charity after being hit by a car. She was taken to Dr Paulo's for surgery to her ankle and discharged into the care of Irene for her rehabilitation.

This tiny kitten was found on the road and is currently with an AGA Volunteer and once old enough will be traveling to the UK to join her adoptive family through our kitten miles to kitten smiles programme.

As many of you know, we are not the only association here in the Algarve who help cats and on many occasions associations help and assist each other. Our friends at Pravi in Albufeira were assisting with a situation with a number of cats and kittens that we arranged to assist with some of the associated costs of sterilisation, food and flea treatment for a number of cats and kittens.

We also have assisted Carvoeiro Cat Charity with the associated costs for Beauty, a street cat who had sun damage to her ears.

She is recovering well after her surgery and will join the other cats in the large enclosure once she is well enough as she cannot be returned to the streets.

Twisty a street cat from Boliqueime was taken to Dr Paulos 8 weeks ago for surgery to his Femor - he has turned out to be a very loving and friendly chap and we are delighted to confirm that we have found him a home in Cumbria in the UK

This handsome chap was taken to Dr Paulo's for treatment for Gum disease and and an eye infection, he is due to be discharged today from Dr Paulo's

Once again thank you all for your support.

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