Another sad start to the month

Despite the very best of care, attention and much love Imp sadly passed away due to renal failure. He was a much loved colony cat from Cerro Grande and was best pals with Jaws who passed away last month. He spent his last few weeks in the home of Irene Paiaxo, thank you Irene.

On a happier note on the 1st of Feb the UK saw its first fall of snow, something that Twisty and Princess, (two AGA rescue cats who relocated to the UK)

had never seen before.

Whilst the snow fell in the UK, the weather in Portugal was warm, with clear blue skies, ideal conditions for a large scale TNR activity on the outskirts of Tunes. This colony will be supported when returned with food donated by AGA.

In addition to this colony we were asked to assist with a colony of cats on the outskirts of Bouliqueime. Several cats were caught as part of our planned TNR activities.

We then attended Guia shopping centre to carry out some more trapping

Out of 3 cats who are in long term care, 2 have been sponsored. Madame Beajoulais is the last remaining cat looking for a sponsor.

To make our website more user friendly, after a lot of hours (and a few swear words) we relaunched our website so it is now in Portuguese and English.

To celebrate our love of cats we produced a video of supporters cats for valentines day click here to view it

Although we are only a few months into the new year, plans are under way for our 2020 AGA Cat Charity Fundraiser calendar. All being well it will be available in May. This years contributions are amazing - heres a sneaky peak of one of them.

Big Ginge proves to be one very special favourite of the young visitors to the Jetty. Here is he is with Zac, who poppped by to say hello.

Up on the roof, spiderwoman was doing her bit,with a rather challenging TNR activity.

When it's half term, we can expect to see a lot more visitors to the jetty. If you are visiting and plan to donate food, please leave food donations inside the wooden feeding station (not on the boardwalk) to ensure the food is safely stored away so that our volunteer can distribute to the colonies.

Our TNR activities continued and sometimes a picture says a thousand words (its a very busy time of year)

The black kitten pictured here below was rescued from Arrifes Beach and has made a life long friend with the Tabby, he was lucky to find a home.

Sheila the Siamese was caught after after being attacked by a dog, she needed surgery and had two pins put in her leg. She now lives with Otis

She has made a remarkable recovery

We look forward to updating you with next months sponsor update next month and thanks again for your continued support.

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