And we are back..

Sorry we have been a bit quiet on the updates, its been a busy time for us as usual, with the ongoing work and our volunteers taking time out over the Christmas and New Year period, to catch up with family and friends.

January started off with some very sad news our much loved Jaws passed away. He was a very beautiful and friendly boy who had chosen to adopt a local lady who fed him along with Imp and Scampy. The three cats were very much a part of Cerro Grande and often tourists would stop to feed them treats. Sadly now with Scampy missing and Imp now in the care of Irene from CCC due to Anemia and a problem with his liver, Imp will not be retuning to Cerro Grande as he needs to go to the vets on a weekly basis. Cerro Grande just does not feel the same without them around the gardens.

As ever we have to pick ourselves up and brush ourselves down to help the remaining cats that we continue to care for. The calls for assistance don't stop and if anything our catchment area is getting bigger with requests from further afield.

Algarve shopping on the outskirts of Albufeira is a large scale outlet retail centre who contacted us to assist with a colony of cats living in the delivery bay. We attended and found a number of cats requiring sterilisation. All very feral but there was one cat who was very friendly who remains with our AGA volunteer. The cat has been named Madame Beaujolais and is looking for a home. We think she is 2 years old.

Keeping Madame Beaujolais company is Otis who is still recovering from a horrific dog attack, her leg was in a splint for sometime and as a result her muscle mass had reduced which has meant that she needs a bit of exercise to strengthen her leg. Here we can see her exercising up a tree.

We continue to deal with unwanted kittens and were glad to find homes for two kittens found at Arrifces beach. Called the beach boys the two kittens were found homes on the same day. The grey kitten in the picture was also found a home.

If you look closely you'll see one of our travel Buddies.

From time to time we get requests from people who are in a desperate situation faced with an emergency but without the funds to pay for the treatment. We received such a request from a young lady who had rescued a kitten from the rubbish three months ago. The kitten was adopted by the lady but recently injured its leg which meant that it need a big operation which she could not afford. As a charity we agreed to pay for the treatment which involved an operation to pin its leg. The kitten was treated at Dr Paulo's and is making a good recovery. In addition we provided a nursing pen to aid the kittens recovery.

We are continuing to support a local lady called Zelia who continues to sterilise the cats in Monchique which were affected by the fires.

Our colony sponsorship programme continues to support the cats that we care for. Here we can see the cats at Guia colony, the female that required surgery to remove her tail is certainly looking well fed.

Another cat that we helped who also had her tail amputated now lives at the old town cemetery. She's a beauty

This chunky chap needed some TLC after getting involved in a fight, he was treated and returned to his colony and told not to fight :)

Finally we love to share pictures from new owners of cats that we have placed for adoption. This picture is lovely

Thanks again for supporting us and the work we do.

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