And off they go.... (March Edition Update)

The start of the journey to their new life began early this morning when both the girls were awoken with an early morning call at 5.45am so they could have breakfast before they made their rendezvous with the transportation company.

On their way from the AGA house, they drove past the sea and caught a glimpse of dawn breaking.

As we left Albufeira they were kept company with their travel buddies. As we passed Cliff  Richards vineyard befor arriving at the departure point both cats started to realise that they were on a journey to something special.

You can see their live trip updates via website at, click on the tab Current Trip Updates. Updates will be posted on a regular basis so please first check here before contacting us as we get very busy and it is difficult to answer all calls/emails in a timely manner. For journey progress we advise you to check our online tracker at:- User ID: Password: VSCOMS2016 If map does not appear click on Live Map. If accessing via a mobile you may need to turn the screen into Landscape rather than Portrait to login and see the map. Please do not contact the transportation company if you have any issues logging in - contact who will assist you should you need help.

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