An unusually late start for kitten season

Despite our ongoing TNR activities, we started the month with a number of requests for help for lost or abandoned kittens. All our colony cats are sterilised but sadly a large majority of domestic cats are not, resulting in numerous litters being born away from the home environment. What has been noticeable is the distinct lack of calls from holidaymakers (totally understandable given the coronavirus restrictions on travel) requesting help the day before they travel back for kittens they have found and kept in their hotel rooms.

These kittens were found abandoned in a bush and we provided kitten formula for the lady who found them. The total cost was approx 160 euros, which was paid for by donations received

We take the decision to place kittens for adoption very seriously and previously updated our page to say that we will not be making immediate adoptions but we are welcoming applications for when we reconvene our adoptions when it safe to do so, in accordance with government guidelines. When we are in contact with potential adopters we will arrange a time and day suitable for our volunteer. Sadly we know there are people out there who are not suitable adopters. We received a very hostile message/conversation from a potential adopter who was unhappy that we would not provide 2 kittens within 48hrs of making initial contact. She was also using a fake Facebook profile. This person has now been blocked and fellow associations notified. We will and always will do the right thing for the kittens in our care.

Unlike our volunteers Sheila the Siamese has a more laid back approach to life

Our TNR activities continued throughout the lockdown here in Portugal.

Basil kept up his patrols around old town Albufeira when all the hotels and restaurants were closed.

Two very sick cats came into our care from Pera. Initial thoughts that they would not make it through the night, but with a lot of TLC they pulled through.

Initial sales of our AGA Art Cards have proven to be a runaway success. We still have stock available via our website

As does our AGA Funriaser Charity Calendar

Our second megabag appeal was a great success with over 50 bags donated

To round off the month the very last thing we needed. Our volunteer had a blow out in the middle of her feeding round - it was unrepairable so a new tyre was fitted.

Sorry this months update is shorter than normal

Once again thank you all for your continued support

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