After a short break over Christmas we are back on our Blog

In October we saw Nando catching some rays - nothing like a bit of vitamin D to aid his recovery. He attended Dr Paulos for several tests to try and establish the root cause of his re-occurring health issue. He had an abdominal scan and there was no further treatment needed, just lots more TLC and of course chicken

Our mugs continue to be a great source for raising funds for AGA. Another satisfied customer ❤️ available from

Nice to see the female cat this morning that we helped 5 months ago, who required emergency surgery to remove her leg. She's all grown up and is managing perfectly well with 3 legs

Elsa was rescued at the beginning of October was 8 weeks old. She was lucky enough to be found a home.

Many of you will know the story of Pedro, the cat who appeared at Cerro Grande alone, he had no road sense and was in quite a bad way. Just look at the transformation now, he has a full tummy, no fleas and a lovely shiny coat. He sits in the same spot each day watching the horses. Thanks again to Irene at the Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre in Lagoa

Its always nice to get a surprise in the post. An enormous thank you to the person who wished to remain anonymous for this huge delivery purchased via our Amazon Wishlist

The jetty cats are used to photos being taken and have been witness to several proposals and wedding photos

This tiny kitten was found near the airport. We named her Faro.

She was treated at the vets for an upset tummy. She was found a home.

Little Finnley and his mum Danni Clews have just dropped off a food donation and caught up with Finnley's best friend Big Ginge 😻.

Finnley was wearing his special Big Ginge T shirt.

Four kittens went off to PetsandPaws veterinário to receive treatment for kitten flu. The kittens were cared for, in conjunction with Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre

This is one very lucky boy. He's been given a furrever home in less than 4 days after being rescued. A remarkable achievement given that he is around 5 months old

We all remember Kipling and his amazing (very stressful for all of us involved) journey to the UK to join his new extended cat family.

It's fair to say he's settled in well, but can you guess which one is him?

No time for hanging around at the Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre for the volunteers but for the kittens it's a different story. We have added cat hammocks to our AGA Amazon wish list, a cheap but very much wanted item by the kittens in their care. We provided 9 hammocks thats to our very generous supporters.

Our hero ❤️ Helen Westood sent us an update on her brilliant effort today

"So proud to have exceeded my expectations of finishing in 3 hours 15 minutes, I finished the Manchester Half Marathon in 2hrs 57mins & 56 seconds today! Thank you to all my friends who have donated to AGA in support of my event. I know every penny will be used to help the street cats to some well deserved care & attention. Xxx

Our TNR activities continue

This friendly little boy was been taken Dr Paulo for treatment. He's a young kitten who sadly had to have surgery to remove his damaged left eye.

Thank you so much Marcia Barradas who asked her friends to donate food for stray animals in place of birthday presents. AGA received a share of these kind donations.

We were contacted by Candice and Kerry who were on holiday in Quarteria, they had met and fallen in love with a young female street cat who was at risk and alone. Several people worked together and arrangements were made to get Moura to the UK

The month of October ended with 6 more cats caught as our planned TNR outreach programme.

On the last day of October we were asked to assist at a location10km outside of Albufeira, to help with a large scale TNR exercise. In addition to the sterilisation, we found the cats needed food, we evaluated and planned to return with more traps, cages and an 18kg megabag of food. Although this will prove to be a difficult task given the vast open space, the cats are located in a safe area, with trees and bushes for shelter and to enable them to hunt for food.

Once again thank you all for your continued support.

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