A nice start to the month

A nice start the month Arnanda Vieira kindly donated a cat pen, a trap and a generous donation towards our sterilisation programme, much need items at the start of kitten season.

In addition we were very touched by the number of anonymous donations of food left at the jetty. This food is very much appreciated by the cats.

Its unusual to have a colony who are all black, this beautiful colony of black cats live at Albufeira Jardin. The third picture features a cat off for treatment as she had a problem with her eye.

As part of the ongoing planned sterilisation program in Monchique, these are the latest cats to be caught, in what has proved to be a very challenging colony. There are still a lot more to capture.

The fluffy black cat featured in our post above required surgery. Due to the condition of the injured eye, it was removed. She will be returned to her colony in due course. So far we have caught 9 for sterilisation from this colony

Our website had a bit of a make over and featured this lovely picture. (click on the picture and it will take you to our website)

AGA attended Guia shopping to locate a female cat as reported on another Facebook page. After much searching the cat was located but due to amount of dried food in the location she was not hungry and did not enter the trap, despite much encouragement with fresh fish and meat.

We would encourage people to contact AGA directly if they are the actual person who needs assistance. Sending reposts of other people's post can cause confusion and delays in dealing with such incidents.

Otis was joined by a new friend Madame Beaujolais who was rescued from the loading Bay at Guia shopping. Otis continues to recover and is doing well.

Batman has made a remarkable recovery and has adapted well to life with three legs. You may remember he was a difficult cat to catch after we discovered his leg had been caught in a snare. It took 34 hours but we eventually managed to capture him (it was the hot chicken that he couldn't resist) His permanent home is now at the well established sanctuary at Carvoeiro where he has the freedom to roam and climb the olive tree in the huge enlosure.

Nice to see the temperature back up to a very pleasant 23 degrees, along with clear blue skies. At this time of the day the cats line up to capture the heat from the descending sun before retiring for a snooze.

Sooty is one of the lucky ones rescued from a busy road when she was just a few weeks old. Pictured in the first photograph is Sooty, now at 8 months old, she is fortunate to have a loving home. The second photo shows her on the day she was found. Not all new born kittens are this lucky. Trap Neuter and Release is our key objective to prevent unwanted cat pregnancies and suffering.

We are delighted that 100PavorAssociacaoDeArtistasPlasticos is supporting our charity by allowing us to feature one of their amazing pieces of street art in our Official 2020 AGA Cat Charity Calendar.

Trapping in Monchique continues, four more cats that will not be producing any more kittens on the streets. This project is huge, so many cats that need to be sterilised.

Sheila the Siamese has moved out of her recovery enclosure and is now with Otis and Madame Beaujolais who are encouraging her to exercise, to aid her recovery. She loves to sleep in the sun and has a rather healthy appetite. Her past times include eating, sleeping and crushing cardboard boxes. Otis,Sheila and Madame Beaujolais are also in long term with our AGA volunteer.

If you look very closely you'll see a cat. It's not often we climb trees to catch cats but if needs must we do. Hard to see but there is a cat in this Mimosa tree. Another successful TNR mission complete as part of our ongoing scheduled TNR programme in Guia.

A colony of cats at Ferraeiras requiring sterilisation and an injured cat in Algoz. A number of females were taken for sterisation. The 2nd case in Algoz was attended by our much valued friend Irene Paixao who has taken the cat to Portimao animal hospital for treatment to his injured leg and to be castrated. March proved to be an extremely busy and expensive month

A further seven cats were caught for TNR from Monchique.

In times of need we know we can call upon Irene Paixao for when we are contacted in an emergency likewise we like to think we are there for her in times of need. We wanted to help her with the associated costs with an emergency case as highlighted below through our association.

The was collected by a colony carer it arrived very thin and dehydrated with a mass in the mouth that prevents him from eating, he had already been tested to IVF and felv and was negative.

After a couple of days in hospital this very handsome grey male cat was returned to Algoz this weekend after treatment in Portimao Animal hospital for his leg injury (he was also castrated at the same time)

With kitten season now upon us, we get a lot calls this time of year, we published this reminder about what not to do and what to do if see a young kitten - please do not remove it from its surroundings.

You need to investigate first — does the stray kitten have a mother? Helping orphaned kittens will first require some detective work. One of the biggest mistakes people make when finding stray kittens is taking them away from their mother. Neonatal kittens are still nursing and need to be fed frequently, so they should be kept with their mother, it is their best chance of survival.

Here’s how to assess the situation:

Are the kittens sleeping comfortably? The mother is probably coming back. When you recheck on them, are any of them missing? The mother is moving them. If they’re often found sleeping, then the mother is caring for them. A good trick to be absolutely sure, is to sprinkle a very light dusting of flour around where the kittens are located and look for paw prints upon your return. If the mother is in the picture, let them be.

Please notify us of the location so that we can return at a later date to carry out TNR.

Three of seven caught in Pera or sterilisation. We have a scheduled plan of sterilisation which is coordinated and planned weeks in advance.

Finally AGA will be attending (4th and 5th May) the world famous London Cats International Show and Expo at

The Tobacco Dock Wapping Lane London E1W 2SF On the 4th and 5th May

With 1000's of people attending we aim to meet and share with as many visitors the work we do here in Portugal. As ever we are always fundraising to help pay for the TNR activities, emergency requests for help and food. With this in mind, we will now be closing our AGA photo entries for our Official 2020 AGA Calendar now on the 8th April and not on the 30 May to allow us to go to print earlier to allow us to have the calendars hot off the press in time for the show, to enable attendees being able to purchase the calendars when they pop by to say hello.

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