Third Party Publication Disclaimer

Our aim is to ensure we continue to care for the street cats, and to do this we rely upon donations and support through our official social media pages and website.

We have been made aware of a competion posted elsewhere on the internet.

At no point has our association entered any competition to feature past or present cats under our care. Our concern was that it made reference to our charity and featured two cats cared for by AGA which implied that we were part of this competition.  We are unaware of who the person is behind the competition entry and are saddened that our association has been linked to this. We have requested for text to be removed and any reference to our association and our volunteers. This has been done to protect the cats, our volunteers and our association.

We do understand the merits of the competition but as an association we cannot put our charity or cats at risk. 

Our due diligence at all times is to protect and to prevent further unwanted attention and risk to the cats we care for. 

This is supported by our previous official policy update 16/03/2017

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