Visiting Albufeira ?

Visiting Albufeira this summer? We've updated our list of the local businesses who are supporting AGA by displaying our collection tins. So please pop in say hello and make a donation at: 😸AGA Charity Shop, Edifício Isermar, Travessa Sá Carneiro R/C - Fracção D, Montechoro, 8200-362 Albufeira, 😸Veterinary Clinic Albufeira Dr Paulo 😸Pickwicks Tavern R. dos Pescadores 18, 8200-634 Olhos de Água 😸The Old House Rua Jose Fontana, Sta Eulalia (Near the Strip) 8200-282, Albufeira 😸Iguana R. Latino Coelho 59, 8200-150 Albufeira 😸The Beach Basket Praça Miguel Bombarda 7, 8200-076 Albufeira 😸The Lemon Tree Rua Almirante Gago Coutinho 21, 8200-089 Albufeira 😸Paws 4 Pets Edificio Avenida Nova, Torre da Mosqueira, Ferreiras, 8200-562 😸Bookworms Bookshop, situated near the Bullring. 😸 OuraBooks, cc VilaNova, av Sa Carneiro 😸 T-Shirt shop, rua 5 Outubro (rua do tunnel), near the tunnel from the beach a few doors down from the Atrium restaurant opposite the life sized cow (Ale-hop shop) in old town 😸 Orada holiday apartments reception at the marina 

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