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Moving to a new area or country can be challenging – even if you’ve chosen it because you know you’ll feel at home there.

For Fiona, the area of Albufeira appealed because she like alot of people she wanted a warmer climate and to be close to some great golf courses. But what has really helped her settle in so quickly, and so completely, since moving to the Algarve from Scotland 2 years ago was joining AGA as a volunteer.

“I saw the AGA shop in Albufeira and popped in to find out more,” she recalls. “What appealed to me immediately was the shop raised funds to help the street cats of Albufeira and beyond, and I immediately signed up to help out. I’ve learned so much from being involved  and benefit from friendships with the other people involved – plus I get to help lots of cats” Fiona keeps up to date with the AGA work  through the shop, it's website and its Facebook page As Fiona works part time, she is able to volunteer a few hours at the shop along with helping street cats out in her community, Fiona really appreciates the friends she has made at AGA cat charity and the opportunities to try new things. “Very quickly, I have built up a group of very dependable friends who I feel I can contact if I need any help and we meet up for coffee together -I’d urge anyone to join because it is such a fantastic idea! Through AGA Fiona also volunteers with her friend Julie helping out with feeding the street cats and assisting with trips to the vets. “Julie and I met through AGA, and we have just clicked! We have a great friendship, and we are always coming up with new ideas. With AGA, you feel you are never alone.” To get involved and volunteer at the AGA shop like Fiona please drop us an email with your contact details

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