Is there life without Facebook?

Don’t get us wrong, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with a wide range of people. The problem is that there a few random people out there who have dubious views on a whole manner of issues and it can scare other people away from using it.

Many people step away from Facebook as they have been bullied, trolled, threatened or just due to the fact they don't like how it takes over their lives. We understand not everyone likes or wants to have a Facebook account.

As a charity we recognise the need to keep people upto date with just more than a Facebook page, simply having a social media profile doesn’t mean we will easily keep people updated or raise money for the charity through our posts, just like having a website doesn’t mean we will receive traffic. We understand the role of social media to support converting cause-driven interest into action. We believe when done right, it can help in a positive way.

Our alternative.

Our website is now able to offer people information from our Facebook page without the need to have a Facebook profile. It's a bit like an online newspaper, for people without Facebook, has an easy to read layout and it allows to people to read previous posts and news in more detail.

We will always have a Facebook presence but as we all know there is more to life than just Facebook. Our key focus is the welfare of the street cats in and around Albufeira, who are fed, watered, medicated and sterilised by a handful of volunteers, who work tirelessly to improve the living conditions for the street cats. To keep up-to-date date we offer the following ways to keep in touch.


Twitter @agacats AGA

And of course there is our new subscription quarterly email news letter

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