2019 Calendar Photos - Will your Photo appear in our next Calendar?

Stumpy is wondering which cats will appear in our Official AGA 2019 Charity Calendar and he's come up with an idea! Over the years AGA visitors to Albufeira have sent us some incredible images, so this year we have decided to launch the Amateur Photographer of the Year competition, with the winners photograph featuring in our 2019 Calendar. Entries can be made by anyone, whether they’ve been shot with a smartphone, a plastic camera or a top-of-the-range DSLR. The competition is open to all amateur photographers, and the winner will win a mug 🤗 The photograph must be taken this year and feature at least one of the cats AGA care for. The images will then be featured on our Facebook page in October and the highest rated entry will be selected as the winner and will be featured in our 2019 Calendar. Due to resolution requirements photographs must be emailed to agacatcharity@gmail.com and not through messenger. Stumpy says get clicking and submitting.

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