New Data Protection Laws and our Charity's Email Newsletter

Why are we providing an Opt In Newsletter?

The General Data Protection Regulation is a piece of EU legislation passed by the European Parliament in 2016. It is enforceable in all EU countries from May 25, 2018. The GDPR aims to make it simpler for people to control how companies and charities use their personal details. Strict rules mean companies will not be allowed to collect and use personal information without the person's consent. Data includes things like a person's name, email address and phone number, and also internet browsing habits collected by website cookies. AGA's GDPR policy will be updated and will be available to view on our latest news section on our website by May 25th 2018. Our colony sponsors are the first to find out more detailed news and updates about their colonies that they sponsor with in-depth news through the Sponsor Restricted Access Area on our Website. We understand that non sponsors may like to get more detailed updates from time to time, so we now have a subscription newsletter to send out details and updates via a quarterly newsletter, providing you with a few more unpublished photos and other news items that may not have appeared on Facebook - but we need your consent to send you this information. We cannot send this newsletter to people who have previously provided data through our website, emails or our Facebook page. To comply with the new legislation only people who have subscribed to our newsletter will receive this information via email. The first news letter will be published on the 31st March. You can opt out of being sent newsletters at anytime by sending an email to and enter "opt out" in the subject heading.

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