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A Happy New Year from AGA 2017 has been a year of strengthening the Charity for the future; focusing on it’s core beliefs, and reinforcing our central message of “it’s all about the cats”. It’s also been a year where our marketing has made us more visible and more approachable than ever before, ensuring that our central purpose of TNR is more widely known across Albufeira as well as to cat lovers across the world via the Internet. In the year that Portugal legally committed itself to caring for it’s animals as it does it’s people, we have worked with official bodies to spread this message to highlight the law and the rights the cats now have. New signage reflecting the recent changes is currently being produced for the colonies we care for, highlighting the new law that came into force September of this year. Finally, we end the year on a high. Our December campaign for food resulted in magnificent donations from across the globe. At the last count we’ve received sufficient donations to purchase almost half a tonne of dry food from our local pet food supplier: a truly remarkable story of Christmas generosity. We predict 2018 to be a busy year. With more people being aware of our work, out hotline is usually busy throughout the days with requests for information or help. Our volunteers are responding to more calls, caring for more colonies and helping direct more enquiries than ever before; we predict this will only increase. To start 2018 on a high, we’re looking for Colony Sponsors. Each sponsor will have the opportunity to contribute to help look after a Colony of Cats for a three-month period. Funds raised through Colony Sponsorship will go towards the feeding, treatment and care of your chosen Colony. All funds raised are complementary too all other Charity monies which will be used for sterilisations, treatment and veterinary care of the hundreds of cats helped by AGA. Of course, any Colonies not sponsored will receive their five star-treatment as usual and any excess funds will be welcomely received. It goes without saying that none of our work would be possible without the care and hard work of all our Volunteers, our Vetinary Dr Paulo, fellow charities that we work with in the Algarve and our donors across the world. We thank you from our hearts. From all of us, to all of you, Happy New Year. To find out more about which Cat Colonies you can sponsor click here

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