Leaving Us A Legacy In Your Will

If you've owned a cat you'll know that there is almost no greater love than having the love of a cat. They give us unconditional love and for most of us having them share our lives is a joy, we can't imagine being without. Unfortunately, its true to say that although there a still far too many cats who need our help. Its our vision that we continue to help the street cats here in Albufeira and the surrounding area through our out reach programme which includes active TNR programme, feeding and medicating. Leaving a gift to us in your will, however small will be your greatest act of generosity. We are a small independent local charity helping cats in the Algarve, Portugal. ​ You can help by ensuring we can go on helping cats in Albufeira and the surrounding area, leaving a gift to AGA either money or property, allows you to make a real difference to local animals. You will know that your passion in life for cats, as feline friends and companions, can live on through our charity work. ​ What next? In order to leave a charity legacy you must have a Will. It is not enough to just tell your family and friends of your intention to leave a gift to a charity after you are gone. A Will, usually drawn up by a solicitor, is a legally binding document that will ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. People frequently make or amend a Will at significant times in their life – such as buying a house, getting married/divorced, having children, loosing a loved one. To leave a gift to us you need to specify our full name, address and charity number, as below: ​ Name: Amigos Dos Gatos Algarve ,Loja D,Ed. Isarmar Travessa Sá Carneiro, 8200, Montechoro Albufeira, Algarve, Portugal ​ Registered charity number/tax number 505 144 328 ​ FAQs What is a legacy? A legacy is money or property bequeathed to another in a Will. It can be any value at all. ​ What if I have already made my Will? You can easily amend a Will by adding a codicil, which is a supplementary document. You should ask your solicitor to arrange this.

​ Would leaving a gift affect my tax status? If your estate is liable to Inheritance Tax, you could reduce the amount due by choosing to give money to charity. Charity legacies are exempt from tax and the gift will be deducted from your estate (your money, possessions and property) before Inheritance Tax is worked out. Disclaimer: These FAQs do not constitute legal advice and is provided for information only. Potential legators should always seek their own professional legal advice. 

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