A Special Day

September 11, 2017

Special for so many reasons for everyone involved in looking after the cats here in Albufeira, today is not just about past events it is also a milestone day for new events planned for the cats in and around Albufeira. Today we met with the Municipal Vet in Albufeira to discuss how as an organisation we can build on the work we do with their support. It was a very positive meeting with potential benefits for our charity in the new year.



We have been working tirelessly over the last 10 months building a stronger, more fluid and responsive AGA Charity. This has been beneficial to the street cats, the volunteers and the functionality of the charity. 


With the use of social media there has been a sharp increase in requests for help both from residents and tourist visitors. Initially our purpose was to maintain a consistent approach to the humane way we deal with the street cat population through an active Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) programme, in addition we are now dealing with significantly more requests for help for abandoned and injured cats.



We rely on a small number of volunteers who are trained and are equipped with the correct equipment to cause minimal stress to each cat that we catch for sterilisation. We operate in the early morning and sometimes late evenings at fe