Protecting Our Charity By Having A Dedicated, Official Communication Policy

AGA continues to help the street cats in and around Albufeira. We believe that our posts through our official social media pages and website should be accurate and reflect the day to day activities of the work that we do. We hope you all continue to enjoy our posts. 

As the use of social media websites continues to grow, so to do the legal risks associated with them. While Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the like are valuable resources for sharing thoughts and opinions, it’s important to recognise the legal pitfalls that await uninformed social media users. Now more than ever, social media sites can serve as breeding grounds for rumors and falsehoods, some of which could have potentially serious consequences. Our priority is to protect our Charity from potential legal issues at all times and to ensure we provide accurate posts on our Facebook and Official Webpage. We do not support the views or posts being held on any other sites, blogs, splintergroups or literature publications. 

We have just two official media streams which are:

Once again thank you all for your continued support.

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