Secret Santa Surprise for Aryel Garden Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre 

If you think Secret Santa is all about keeping the kids in the dark as to the true identity of Father Christmas, you're so far off you may as well be at the North Pole.

Secret Santa is when you pick a name of a colleague out of the hat and have to buy them a fun Christmas pressie for the office party, normally with a five or ten-pound limit.

Many people love the idea, and it comes from a very money saving motive - only getting one present for one colleague rather than many for more.

It can work. In our experience you rarely get the name of someone you know well. This leads to guessing which cheap gift would be great for Julie from Accounts who you've only met twice.

And chances are you'll receive something you don't want or need from your mystery elf. If we are honest, we'd rather they just didn't bother.

So this year why not give a gift sponsorship certificate from Aryel, just make a donation using this link and we will email you a gift certificate with the name of the person you want to give the certificate to.

It will really make a huge difference. 

Secret Santa