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12th December 2021




On the morning of 11th December 2021, the home of one of our volunteers suffered a catastrophic fire in the Municipality of Silves, Algarve, Portugal. 


Unfortunately, due to the ferocious nature of the fire, our volunteer has lost her home, possessions. Sadly a number of her own cats along with AGA foster kittens that were under her care at the time perished.


This is a tragic loss for our carer and for the rest of our volunteer community who have worked tirelessly over the last few months to nurture and facilitate adoption of cats and kitten, whilst continuing their TNR and Emergency requests for help. 


In order to support our volunteer, AGA has launched an online fundraising campaign and request for assistance to help rebuild her home and purchase a new kitten run and nursery booths to ensure cats and kittens can be cared for when our volunteer has recovered from this tragic event.

As in previous years, AGA Cat Charity take a responsible position regarding the adoption of kittens and cats around the Christmas break to prevent these animals being gifted. For more information about our adoption arrangements, please contact the charity directly.


It goes without saying that our thoughts are with our volunteer at this time and ask that any questions or comments are raised directly with our administration team via email rather than via social media.


About AGA Cat Charity

AGA provides a lifeline for many stray and feral cats living in the Algarve. TNR is our primary concern, but colony management - providing daily feeding, while monitoring the colony for any injury or illness - is our long-term commitment. 


It is a constant struggle to meet the needs of the stray and feral cats with the aid of just a few dedicated volunteers. AGA volunteers help in many ways, giving varying amounts of their valuable time



How is the volunteer?


Fortunately, our volunteer was not physically harmed by the fire, however this event has been deeply traumatic, and it will be some time before she is able to return home.


How many cats perished in the fire?


AGA are not publishing the number of cats whose lives were lost in this tragic event, as we just do not know.


There were a variety of cats and kittens under the care of our volunteer at the time and fortunately some were able to escape before the fire enveloped the property. Some of these cats have been recovered and are now being cared for and a few remain on the outskirts of the property and are being fed twice daily.


It should also be noted that the carer’s own cats perished in the fire.


What caused the fire?


AGA are not able to comment on the cause of the fire. The local Bombeiros attended the scene and all necessary parties have been informed.


Was the home of the volunteer also a cat sanctuary or other animal facility?


Both the land and the destroyed premises were owned by the volunteer, which were sometimes used to care for vulnerable or sick cats once veterinary treatment was complete. 

AGA does not own a cat sanctuary or other property for the sole purpose of housing cats and kittens, we rely upon the goodwill of friends, volunteers and other associations to look after vulnerable kittens when we have been contacted to help in times of need. Like many fellow associations we provide the food, litter and the volunteer's provide the love and care whilst in their temporary care.

The loss of foster carer's home will mean that in the short term we will have limited resources to call upon.


How is AGA funded and how can I help?


AGA receives some financial support from the Albufeira Municipality, however almost all funds are derived from donations both in Portugal and overseas. AGA is a registered charity in Portugal, no. 505144328


For immediate offers of help relating to this tragic event, financial donations can be made via this Help Link We have kindly received offers of equipment, housewares, clothing and other articles for use by the volunteer as she begins to rebuild her life. Full a full list of required items, please visit our Facebook page for more information.


Contact information 


AGA is fortunate to have friends, donors and followers from all over the world and this story has deeply touched the animal loving community, especially at this time of year.


To help us manage both requests for information and assistance, we ask that all enquiries are sent to our email address: We will endeavour to respond within 48 hours.


Even during this sad time, AGA continue to help street cats across the Algarve, and, like every other day, our volunteers will feed over 30 colonies and 400 cats today.

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